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The Daily Coin: Pushing Us Into A Cashless System / Dave Kranzler / 

The elitists in control of the western financial and political system as slowly taking away all of our rights and imposing totalitarianism on the populations.  One of the primary tools they will soon implement is an electronic, digital currency system.  This way they can monitor your income, spending and tax payments.  It’s time to start fighting back, unless you are all okay moving into a “brave” new world in which everything you do is under the watchful eye of big brother.


Is This Why Stocks Are Sliding And The Bond Curve Is Flatter / by Tyler Durden on 05/26/2015 – 11:27

From the best market inflation-point indicator in the known newsletterverse:

  Are stocks over-extended to the upside? Yes, of course. Are they over-extended in terms of earnings? Yes, of course. Are the markets in Asia, and particularly the markets in China, almost preposterously over-extended in the short term? Yes, of course. Should we then be short of stocks because of these over-extensions and over-valuation? No, we shall not be, for the trends are clear and those who’ve sold the markets short using very sophisticated, historically well-precedented, brilliant arguments have been wrong. Eventually they shall be right. Eventually the markets will correct and eventually those corrections will be serious affairs, but as we have always said, “Between eventually and profitability all too often are great chasms of losses.” We shall do our best then to remain as we have been: pleasantly long of equities on balance. There really is no other course of actions we can take.


Peak Food, an Introduction / NED W SCHMIDT CFA / 05/26/2015

Your high-tech toy watch won’t buy you an egg. To date, the U.S. is on course to destroy 40,721,073 birds, mainly laying hens. Yes, elves at USDA do like precision in their numbers. Those birds are the casualty of pathogenic avian influenza outbreak. Despite the state of today’s technology, eggs still come from chickens not from factories or 3-D printers. And eggs are not the only Agri-Commodity that has defied both technology and conventional wisdom. By the way, U.S. egg prices are up 120% or more in the past month.


New Home Sales Rebound Despite Median Price Rising To Just Shy Of All Time High / by Tyler Durden / 05/26/2015 10:13

Following last month’s disappointing slump to only 481K new home sales in March (now revised to 484K) which was the biggest drop in nearly 2 years driven by a collapse in Northeast transactions, according to the latest new home sales data by the Census Bureau housing rebounded back over 500K, printing at 517K thanks to a 37% sequential jump in Midwest new home sales, which rebounded from 57K to 78K, even as sales in the Northeast continued to decline and even the West saw a modest drop.

The sales figure represented 4.8 months of supply, down from 5.1 the month before.

However, as the long-term chart shows, new home sales have a long way to go before they regain the levels seen during the last bubble.


The Polish Election – Really No Surprise / by Martin Armstrong / 

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski conceded defeat to conservative challenger Andrzej Duda 43 years old who is shown here voting in the election with his wife and daughter in Sunday’s presidential election. This is reflecting the shift in politics our computer has been forecasting for this period going into 2017 on a global scale that includes the USA for 2016.

Duda seems to have won in a 53% to 47% vote. At first, Duda was not seen as having a chance. Then closer to the election they were starting to call it neck-and-neck. To me, it was no surprise after talking to people in Warsaw and Krakow. No doubt, this is sending yet another warning that Brussels is out of touch with the rising discontent in Europe. Poland has not yet adopted the Euro and retains the Zloty.  This presidential result is setting off shock waves in Poland for the rest of the that will set alarm bells ringing for the government, which faces its own election race later this year.


Jade Helm and the Stalinist Methods Begin Used to Enslave America / by Dave Hodges / May 26, 2015

Every successful revolution follows three stages: (1) Winning the hearts and minds of the people; (2) Resisting illegitmate authority through civil disobedience; and, (3) All out war.

America is being dragged into stage three by the occupation forces that have hijacked our government. Jade Helm is the manifestation of dragging America into a stage three confrontation before the people have had a chance to build a coalition through successfully completing the first two stages. This is the strategy that Stalin employed as he enslaved an entire nation and history is indeed repeating itself.

Economic Collapse As a First Mover

The resulting instability of our economy will provide the pretext to institute a series of false flag attacks which will provide the federal government with a preemptive opportunity to impose one of the most draconian forms of martial law that the world has ever seen. There is a chance that the American people will shed their shackles and finally rise up and that is exactly what the globalists desire.

If the globalists can draw us into an armed conflict over the coming Jade Helm occupation and crush the opposition, they can end all pretenses and their full blown tyranny will be fully exposed for all to see and experience firsthand.

 The Three Stages of a Revolution

Many believe that the revolution has already begun and I would agree with them to some extent. However, there are three distinct stages of revolution and we are moving down the path to civil war at a frightening pace. You may not realize this fact, but the bankers who have hijacked your government certainly do! When DHS purchases 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored vehicles, it is clear that they are preparing to kill millions of uncooperative Americans. When you realize that every federal agency including the National Weather Service has acquired millions of rounds of ammunition, what does that tell you?


SWOT Analysis: Summer Starts Transition to Seasonally Stronger Gold Prices / By Frank Holmes / 26 May 2015


  • Harriet Hunnable, executive director of precious metals markets at CME group, speaking recently in London said that the Shanghai Gold Exchange is the most successful challenger so far in terms of liquidity in the gold market versus trading houses in the West. She added that the CME Hong Kong kilobar gold contract is doing phenomenally well for such a new product. As the physical trading in London has come to crawl due to fear of regulatory oversight this is a positive move as it increases transparency hopefully becomes the benchmark for gold price setting.
  • D.E. Shaw’s latest 13F disclosure shows that one of its top new buys by market value for the first quarter was SPDR Gold Shares which received the highest allocation with nearly a quarter billion dollar purchase.
  • Klondex Mines released drilling results at Fire Creek showing intercepts of 13.5 opt (461.6 g/t) over 11.5 ft (3.5 meters) on the Hui Wu Vein. These results provided further data that the initial grades reported are likely understating the grades and the additional infill results are pointing to overall higher grades.  Dundee Capital Markets noted the new data increased their estimate to 3.45 opt versus 0.45 opt, for the area in question, thus increased their target NAV by 22 percent for Klondex Mines’ share price.  By the end of the week, Klondex’s share price moved up by 8 percent.


  • Gold took a plunge earlier in the week prior to the release of the Federal Reserve minutes. However, it rebounded after the minutes signaled officials are unlikely to raise interest rates at their next meeting


Washington Protects Its Lies With More Lies — Paul Craig Roberts / Paul Craig Roberts / May 26, 2015

My distrust has deepened of Seymour Hersh’s retelling of the Obama regime’s extra-judicial murder of Osama bin Laden by operating illegally inside a sovereign country. That Hersh’s story, which is of very little inherent interest, received such a large amount of attention, is almost proof of orchestration in order to substantiate the Obama regime’s claim to have killed a person who had been dead for a decade.

Americans are gullible, and thought does not come easily to them, but if they try hard enough they must wonder why it would be necessary for the government to concoct a totally false account of the deed if Washington kills an alleged terrorist. Why not just give the true story? Why does the true story have to come out years later from anonymous sources leaked to Hersh?

I can tell you for a fact that if SEALs had encountered bin Laden in Abbottabad, they would have used stun grenades and tear gas to take him alive. Bin Laden would have been paraded before the media, and a jubilant White House would have had a much photographed celebration pinning medals on the SEALs who captured him.

Instead, we have a murder without a body, which under law classifies as no murder, and a story that was changed several times by the White House itself within 48 hours of the alleged raid and has now been rewritten again by disinformation planted on Hersh.


The Fed Considers a More Seasoned Approach / By: Peter Schiff / May 26, 2015

Just as the steady torrent of awful economic data, which began in the First Quarter and continued well into April and May, had forced many market analysts to grudgingly concede that 2015 would not see the robust economic growth that most had expected, the statisticians arrived on the scene like a cavalry charge and routed the forces of pessimism with a wave of their spreadsheets.

The campaign began in late April with some seemingly groundbreaking analysis by CNBC’s Steve Liesman showing that over a 30 year time frame GDP data had consistently measured first quarter growth at 1.87%, which was far lower than the 2.7% rate averaged in the following three quarters of the year. He pointed out that the trend had gotten even more pronounced since 2010, when first quarter growth averaged just .62% and the remaining three quarters averaged 2.3%. The disparity caused Liesman, and others, to question whether first quarter data should be regarded as reliable.

The problem hinges on the efficacy of the “seasonal’ adjustments that are baked into the GDP methodology. These filters are designed to smooth out the changes in spending, production, and consumption that occur over the course of the year. After all, business and consumers behave differently in December than they do in July.

When Liesman pressed the Bureau of Economic Analysis (the government entity that supplies the data) to explain his findings, the agency responded “BEA is currently examining possible residual seasonality in several series, which may lead to improvements in…the regular annual revision to GDP.” We should understand “improvements” to mean changes that make first quarter GDP higher. A few weeks later the BEA provided some specifics saying methods for counting government defense spending and “certain inventory investment series” could be improved to help address the distortion. It promised to correct these deficiencies by July 30. It promised to correct these deficiencies by July 30. But to make sure that everyone understood that the help was definitely on the way, the BEA issued a blog post on May 22 in which it specified a number of areas in which it will eliminate what it calls “residual seasonality.” This term should be accurately defined as “areas that we think should be higher.”


US Services PMI Slides To Lowest Since January / by Tyler Durden / 05/26/2015 09:51

After a hopeful start to the year – despite the weather, the West Coats ports, and every other excuse – US Services PMI has slipped the last 2 months, back to the lowest since January. At 56.4, below expectations, this is the biggest 2-month drop since December. Input prices edged up to 9-month highs. This is the first YoY drop in the Services PMI since December. As Markit proclaims hopefully,“policymakers will be eager to see if this slower growth trend develops
further over the summer months before risking any tightening of policy.”


An “accident” would be the best thing for Greece its people and its economy / by Shaun Richards  / May 26th, 2015

Today as on so many days it is fair to say that Greece is the word to misquote the Gibb brothers. The situation seems to stumble on with both sides seemingly unable to comprehend the other as the deadline of June 5th for the next repayment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gets ever nearer. Over what was a holiday weekend in the UK and other parts of Europe the situation saw a couple of Greek ministers add to the rhetoric. First the Interior Minister give us his view on Sunday. From the Guardian.

The four instalments for the IMF in June are €1.6bn.This money will not be given and is not there to be given.

This began to look ever more like a part of the play Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! By Dario Fo. The fevered atmosphere was added to by the Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis who told us this.

It would not be a catastrophe to exit the euro, (nor) a terrorist act not to pay the next instalment to the IMF.

He and his Left Platform group took matters further by suggesting this according to the New York Times.

A faction known as the Left Platform proposed that Greece stop paying its creditors if they continue with “blackmailing tactics” and instead seek “an alternative plan” for the debt-racked country.

They lost 95-75 but that indicates that there is already a fair amount of support for such views.


Keiser Report: Bottom 99% Income (E762)

RTPublished on May 26, 2015

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss volatility shifting the unhedged part of the economy – namely the incomes of the bottom 99 percent of the population. In the second half, Max interviews Nick Williamson, CEO of Pythia, about his new product called Credits, which is the first blockchain technology to be used by a government – in this case, the Isle of Man, to register cryptocurrency companies on the island.

Greece Postpones Meeting With Creditors, Denies ATM Tax / by Tyler Durden / 05/26/2015 09:43

With the countdown to default now at just 10 days, Greece and its creditors are scrambling to come to some kind of agreement that will allow the country to repay the IMF on June 5. The payment is not possible without the disbursement of all or a portion of a €7.2 billion tranche of aid under Athens’ current bailout program.

On the heels of a vote which betrayed fractures within PM Alexis Tsipras’ ruling Syriza party, a Eurogroup meeting in Brussels scheduled for today has now been postponed, according to a Greek official who did not give a reason for the cancellation. Negotiations will reportedly take place over the phone later today once Athens has had time to conduct “preparatory discussions.”


Meanwhile, there are rumors that the country will impose a levy on ATM withdrawals in an effort to encourage Greeks to use credit cards and thereby stem the deposit outflow that’s crippling the Greek banking sector. These reports were promptly denied by the Finance Ministry.


“Suicidal Credit-Based Money System” / by Gary Christenson /

Bill Bonner wrote a hypothetical college graduation speech which he did not present.  What he would have said included:

“You are heirs to claptrap, nonsense, bogus theories, and trillions of dollars in debt. 

The systems, programs, and institutions your parents set up are mostly worthless scams. Worse, they produce outcomes contrary to their stated goals.

Welfare programs do not help people escape poverty; they keep them mired in it.

Health care programs do not make them healthy; they make them dependent on the drug industry.

Defense industry spending doesn’t make us safer; it funds drones, bumbling interventions, and assassinations… and it creates more foreign enemies.

We end up not only poorer, but also less secure.”

 “You need to stop your parent’s suicidal credit-based money system.”

 “Well, the system is corrupt and self-destructive.  It works only by increasing the amount of debt in the society – including student debt.” 

We add a few more points in the same spirit as Mr. Bonner:

  • Central banks were not created to assist the functioning of the financial system. Instead they assist the transfer of wealth to the financial industry.


Gold Buried? / David Chapman / 25 May 2015

I couldn’t help but be struck by an article about gold in the Economist in early May entitled “Buried” – The Economist, May 2, 2015. Okay, I know it is three weeks later and I am only now getting around to it. Delayed reaction one supposes and not always wanting to be writing about gold. But just as I thought about writing about it, I discovered that David Stockman, the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan administration beat me to it and wrote about the subject in an article on his Contra Corner (

Ok none of that stops others or me from commenting on the same topic. David Stockman writes from an interesting perspective given his years on the inside of Washington and the financial industry.  Mr. Stockman was also a Republican Congressman and after he left government he joined investment bank Solomon Brothers and later private equity firm Blackstone Group.

Since Stockman left Blackstone in 1999, he has been involved in a number of endeavours including starting his own private equity firm and later he was CEO of a Detroit manufacturer of auto parts that went bankrupt. The latter firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005 and Mr. Stockman was charged by Federal prosecutors with fraud and by the SEC for his role as CEO of the company. Mr. Stockman was eventually cleared but not after it cost him a great deal of money and reputation. He launched the Contra Corner in 2014 and since then his plus articles from others have largely taken a contra stance against the actions of the US Government and the global financial system.

The Economist article effectively declared that gold was dead and buried. They even quoted well known commentator Harry Dent whose advertisements calling for $700 gold have been seen by many. Mr. Dent is quoted as asking, “Where is the damn hyperinflation” something many believe is necessary for gold prices to rise to the heights of nirvana. Naturally, the statement ignores the move from $680 to $1,923 seen from 2008 to 2011 out of the depths of the financial crash of 2008 against a backdrop of negligible inflation. As if gold needs hyperinflation to rise. That forgets as well that gold was revalued upwards by 70% in the depths of the Great Depression and gold stocks rose some 400% during the Great Depression while the Dow Jones Industrials (DJI) was collapsing 89%.  Mr. Dent seems to be living in the inflationary 1970’s believing it was huge inflation that drove gold prices to $875 by 1980.

Since the gold standard ended in August 1971 and the world moved into its latest experiment with fiat currency, gold has responded more to a lack of confidence in government and the financial system on being able to solve the financial problems of day.  During the 1970’s while gold was rising the US$ was falling. From a peak in July 1977 to a low in early January 1980 the US$ Index fell 26%. All of this came against the backdrop of rising inflation, bankruptcies and the deepest recession since the Great Depression.


Report: True Impact Of Interest Rates On The Price Of Gold / Dave in Denver / May 26, 2015 at 13:29

While the broad media is tirelessly trying to explain and persuade the public that an interest rate hike would encompass a prolonged gold price depreciation a report by Boris Gerjovi would indicate quite the contrary:

There is a lot of talk about an interest rates hike in the media worldwide. As a consequence the decreasing price of gold should follow. However, the task of science is not to repeat what the media have to say, but to put the serious doubt on whatever the media have to say. So, we do believe that the interest rates hike could follow pretty soon, but it’s not the task of this article to discuss if there will be or will not be an interest rates hike. Our intention is actually to show that there is no reason to believe that as a consequence of an interest rates hike there will be a decreasing trend in the gold price. In contrary, the price of gold could even rise and many people could be surprised by this increase.

In recent years mass media are full of articles, in which authors explain how the price of gold is under pressure awaiting interest rates hike. First of all, in most of these articles the following information appears as unsufficient:

Are we talking only about the gold price in US$, or do we have to believe that the fall in the gold price will be present also if we observe the price of gold in other currencies?

Are we talking about interest rates in US, or/and in GB, or/and in Europe, Japan etc.? Especially American media like to discuss about these issue taking only American market into consideration. FED decision about interest rates hike has been seriously discussed now for more than 18 months and as always there is a repeating press conference statement where it stays clear how we should expect such a move from FED pretty soon. “Increasing interest rates should follow pretty soon” is not telling us enough, because it still remains unclear if we are talking about short term interest rates, or long term interest rates. We could imagine that increase in active interest rates would bring as a consequence also an increase in passive interest rates. And we could even imagine that a move from central bank will be followed pretty soon by the moves from the commercial banks – at least in the same country. However, there is surely the need to express ourselves more clear and concrete when we are talking about an interest rates hike.


Case-Shiller Home Prices Rise Over 5% YoY To 7 Year High / by Tyler Durden / 05/26/2015 09:09 -0400

Despite stagnating incomes, record low home-ownership, surging interest rates, and stalling employment data, home-prices in America rose 5.04% YoY in March – the biggest jump since August – as overseas money floods into American real estate and crushes the affordability dream for Hillary’s ‘everyday American’. No surprise, San Francisco and Denver reported the highest year-over-year gains, with price increases of 10.3% and 10.0%, respectively, over the last 12 months. This is the highest home price index since Feb 2008.

Biggest YoY gain since August…


Dollar Rallies in Asia and Europe, but may Pull Back in North America / by Marc Chandler / May 26, 2015

The strong upside momentum for the US dollar seen last week is carrying into today’s activity.  It was firm in the holiday-thinned trading yesterday but has jumped higher today. There are two chief drivers.
First, comments by several Fed officials, including Yellen and Fischer, reiterating that the weakness in Q1 was likely transitory, and stronger growth will allow for a rate hike later this year.  Fischer, who will speak on the global economy later today, framed the rate hike issue as “early and gradual or late and steep.”  It seems clear from numerous speeches that at least the Fed’s leadership prefers the former over the latter.
Second, Greece’s payment to the IMF next week is in question.  Of course, this is not the first time the Syriza government has suggested it would not make a debt payment, which it later made. However, given the large payments do next month, and the fact that the last payment was made by tapping an emergency fund at the IMF itself, there is a sense that the long elusive brink is near.


Surplus Repression and the Self-Defeating Deep State / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015

The nation is wallowing self-piteously in a fetid trough of denial and adolescent rage/magical thinking now that the nation’s bogus, debt-based “prosperity” has crashed and cannot be restored.

If you type Deep State into the custom search window in the right sidebar, the search results fill 10 pages. I think it is fair to say I have long had a deep interest in the Deep State.

The Deep State is generally assumed to be monolithic: of one mind, so to speak, unified in worldview, strategy and goals.

In my view, this is an over-simplification of a constantly shifting battleground of paradigms and power between a number of factions and alliances within the Deep State.Disagreements are not publicized, of course, but they become apparent years or decades after the conflict was resolved, usually by one faction consolidating the Deep State’s group-think around their worldview and strategy.

History suggests that this low-intensity conflict within the ruling Elite is generally a healthy characteristic of leadership in good times. As times grow more troubled, however, the unity of the ruling Elite fractures into irreconcilable political disunity, which becomes a proximate cause of the dissolution of the Empire if it continues.


Stocks, Bonds, Commodities Tumble On Durable Goods “Good News”, USD Soars / by Tyler Durden / 05/26/2015 08:55 -0400

Good news or bad news – you decide? Just remember, Stan Fischer said rate hikes were no big deal…