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Phillipenean president Rodrigo Duterte is a violent tyrannical fascist.  He’s slaughtered thousands of his own people in an attempt to crackdown on drugs and is now condoning rape by his own soldiers.

Three days after declaring martial law in the rebellious southern Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered his troops to crush the militants and gave a speech to inspire them.  “You can arrest any person, search any house,” Duterte told the soldiers Friday. “I alone would be responsible” for anything they did under martial law, he said. “I will go to jail for you. If you happen to have raped three women, I will own up to it.”


Day 217.13. Hillary’Hillarys , Hackers, and Henchmen

George Webb, Published on May 28, 2017

Was Seth Rich Declared Brain Dead at Howard University Hospital?

Nassim Taleb Crushes The ‘Merchants Of Virtue’ / by Nassim Nicholas Taleb via / May 28, 2017 2:20 PM

I will always remember my encounter with the writer and cultural icon Susan Sontag, largely because it was on the same day that I met the great Benoit Mandelbrot. I took place in 2001, two months after the terrorist event, in a radio station in New York. Sontag who was being interviewed, was pricked by the idea of a fellow who “studies randomness” and came to engage me. When she discovered that I was a trader, she blurted out that she was “against the market system” and turned her back to me as I was in mid-sentence, just to humiliate me (note here that courtesy is an application of the Silver rule), while her female assistant gave me the look, as if I had been convicted of child killing. I sort of justified her behavior in order to forget the incident, imagining that she lived in some rural commune, grew her own vegetables, wrote on pencil and paper, engaged in barter transactions, that type of stuff.

No, she did not grow her own vegetables, it turned out. Two years later, I accidentally found her obituary (I waited a decade and a half before writing about the incident to avoid speaking ill of the departed). People in publishing were complaining about her rapacity; she had to squeeze her publisher, Farrar Strauss and Giroud of what would be several million dollars today for a book advance. She shared, with a girlfriend, a mansion in New York City, one that was later sold for $28 million dollars. Sontag probably felt that insulting people with money inducted her into some unimpeachable sainthood, exempting her from having skin in the game.

It is immoral to be in opposition of the market system and not live (like the Unabomber) in a hut isolated from it

But there is worse:

It is even more, much more immoral to claim virtue without fully living with its direct consequences


Discussing The Recovery™ and Financialization With Alan Greenspan and the Limited Liability Establishment / 27 MAY 2017

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

Mark Twain

Here is an encounter during a Congressional hearing that Bernie Sanders had with Alan Greenspan in 2003.

In the light of history, how do you think that events have shone any light on these two different perspectives?

The pity is that Senator Sanders could have this same conversation with Janet Yellen, and  most of the mainstream media, and the professional elite, and certainly the majority of his political colleagues on both sides of the aisle, today.  And their responses would still be substantially the same.


Day 217.12. Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen

George Webb, Published on May 28, 2017

Is Bannon Back? Senior Trump Advisers Push Kushner To “Take A Step Back” / by Tyler Durden / May 28, 2017 1:45 PM

Despite Kelly and McMaster both brushing off Kushner’s ‘Russian back-channel’ story as standard practice for new administrations, increasing controversy surrounding the president’s son-in-law have reportedly prompted senior advisers to suggest it’s time for Kushner to “take a step back.”

After McMaster’s comments brushing off the WaPo story as a non-story, DHS’ Kelly did the reounds of Sunday political shows this morning confirming Kushner’s back-channeling is “both normal and acceptable”

However, this is just the latest in a series of stories – fake or not – that have surrounded the president’s son-in-law and for some senior Trump advisers, enough seems to be enough.


Simple (economic) Math / by Jeffrey P. Snider via Alhambra Investments / 

The essence of capitalism is not strictly capital. In the modern sense, the word capital has taken on other meanings, often where money is given as a substitute for it. When speaking about things like “hot money”, for instance, you wouldn’t normally correct someone referencing it in terms of “capital flows.” Someone that “commits capital” to a project is missing some words, for in the proper sense they are “committing funds to capital.”

Just as the focus has been removed from actual capital, and thus a distortion of capitalism, one of the effects has been to devalue the other component that actually makes it all work. Rising living standards were never the fruit of capital alone, as the real strength was in the combination of it with labor. Over the last few decades, the real capital flow has been with eurodollar finance to the offshoring of productive capacity.

By simple mathematics, businesses are no longer willing to afford labor. Before getting to that math, however, we need to be mindful that the “experts” are almost uniformly suggesting the opposite is true. Instead, we hear constantly of a labor shortage, often serious, whether due to Baby Boomers retiring, lazy Americans addicted to heroin, or the politics of immigration. The problem with all of these is wages, meaning that if there was a shortage, wages would be rising and rising rapidly.

The New York Times on Sunday published yet another of this type of account (they are becoming more frequent), blatantly headlining the piece, Lack of Workers, Not Work, Weighs on the Nation’s Economy. Focusing on anecdotes from Utah, you get all the familiar but unbacked tropes about the travails of employers who have things to do but can’t do them because they can’t find anyone.


Day 217.11 Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen

George Webb, Published on May 28, 2017

Powerful Geomagnetic Storms Hit Earth – Will Stocks Fall Next Week? / Via / May 28, 2017

Overnight and continuing into this morning a large space weather event has signaled a G-3 ‘Strong’ geomagnetic storm. On April 22, 2017, I wrote an article titled: Yesterday’s Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm  outlining how the grid failures in San Fransisco, New York, and Los Angeles were likely due to a strong geomagnetic storm. As we know, geomagnetic storms can influence the functioning and reliability of spaceborne and ground-based systems and services or endanger property or human health. 

The Planetary K-Index is used to measure geomagnetic storms at Boulder, Fredericksburg, Est. Planetary, and College. The graphs below indicate a strong geomagnetic storm is currently underway and in some locations literally off the chart.



Since the 2011 tops, precious metals investors have had their patience severely tested. Six years later, silver is down 66% from the $50 peak and gold 35% off the $1,920 peak. We mustn’t forget off course that these metals started this century at $280 and $5 respectively. But that is no consolation for the investors who got in near the highs. The best time to buy an asset is when it is unloved and undervalued like gold and silver were in the early 2000s. What few investors realise is that the current levels of gold and silver, when real inflation is taken into account, are very similar to where the metals were in 2000-2. Thus gold at $1,265 and silver at $17 is an absolute bargain and unlikely to remain at these levels for long.

Why are asset markets booming and gold static?

As the precious metals have corrected for six years, many markets have boomed. Money printing and credit creation can do wonders to asset markets. Since 2009, stocks in the US for example have trebled and many other asset classes such as property have appreciated substantially. Global debt since 2006 is up by 75% or $100 trillion and short term and long term rates in the Western world re down from 5-6% to anywhere from negative to around 2%. This has fuelled stocks and property but so far had limited effect on gold and silver.

It was the sub-prime mortgage market that started the 2006-9 crisis. Since then, there are property bubbles in many parts of the world. Canada, Australia, UK, Scandinavia, Hong Kong and China all have property markets which are likely to crash in the next few years together with the US one which is still a bubble.


Day 217.10 Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen

George Webb, Published on May 28, 2017

Going to Interview Rod Wheeler at National Harbor

Homeland’s Kelly Lashes Out At “Treasonous” Intelligence Leakers / by Tyler Durden / May 28, 2017 12:35 PM

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd on Sunday that high-level classified leaks, like those over the Manchester attack in the U.K., are “borderline treason.”

I don’t know where the leak came from. But I… immediately called my counterpart in the UK…. She immediately brought this topic up. And, if it came from the United States, it’s totally unacceptable. And I don’t know why people do these kind of things, but it’s borderline, if not over the line, of treason.


The Black and Blue Bill / BY ERIC PETERS / May 28, 2017

Naturally, the solution to the problem of police abusing their authority is to hold them less accountable when they do exactly that.

Leave it to “law and order” Republicans such as Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Ted Poe to evolve such logic. They have put forth the Black and Blue – whoops, Back the Blue – act (see here) which would make it harder to sue run-amok law enforcers in civil court to recover damages resulting from actions undeniably illegal – while at the same time imposing more severe penalties on Mundanes who affront the person of a law enforcer than those imposed on Mundanes who do exactly the same thing.

As regards the first:

So long as the victim – er, perp – was “engaged in felonies or crimes of violence” (how this it to be determined in the heat of the moment remains unclear) the law enforcer administering the wood shampoo or directory assistance (beating administered with a phone book in between the flesh and he nightstick, to keep the bruising down) or some other such technique will be immunized from subsequent civil suit by his victim, provided the abuse suffered occurred while the enforcer was acting in a “judicial capacity.”


This will not only encourage more lawless “street justice” by the enforcers of the law, it will also encourage the generous application of the law – i.e., of bogus/trumped-up charges (such as felony “resisting”) in the immediate aftermath of a beatdown, to immunize the beaters from legal consequences. It’s even better than a throw-away stiletto  – which dirty cops used to keep on hand to leave adjacent to the bloodied corpse of their victim, so as to justify his aeration.


Day 217.9. Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen

George Webb, Published on May 28, 2017

In “Watershed Moment” Merkel Says Germany Can No Longer Rely On America / by Tyler Durden / May 28, 2017 11:27 AM

One day after Donald Trump infuriated Angela Merkel and the rest of his G-7 peers, when the US president refused to endorse the Paris climate treaty, prompting the German chancellor to say  that “the whole discussion about climate has been difficult, or rather very unsatisfactory… here we have the situation that six members, or even seven if you want to add the EU, stand against one”, Germany’s prime minister made what many have dubbed, an “era-defining” statement.

Speaking at a CDU election rally in Munich, Merkel said that Europe must take its fate into its own hands” or as the AFP put it, “Merkel warns US, Britain no longer reliable partners.”

Faced with a western alliance divided by Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency, Merkel said “die zeiten, in denen wir uns auf andere völlig verlassen konnten, sind ein Stück vorbei”, or loosely translated “the times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out” and added that “I’ve experienced that in the last few days.”


Trump Is About To Do Something & The World Is About To Change – Episode 1291b

X22Report, Published on May 28, 2017

The corporate media is pushing a new story that Jarred Kushner wnted creat back channels to the Russian during the transition period. This is normal for a new administration, plus it was created to side step the deep state spying. The G7 climate discussion did not go well and according to the EPA administrator and others. The corporate media is reporting that 3 aircraft carriers are going to be off the coast of NK. The Saudi weapons deal is a smoke screen to hide the real intentions of the meeting with Saudi Arabia. US is going to attempt to intercept an ICBM missile in the pacific. Syria would like the US and the coalition forces to stop bombing in Syria and they issued a letter to the UN.


Donald Trump was endorsed by the NRA (National Rifle Association) and he assured his voters he’d protect their second amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Considering his new desire to keep non-violent “criminals” from owning guns, this flip-flop on values needs to be known.

Scouring through conservative alternative media left much to be desired on this, while the left-leaning outlets are having a heyday.  The truth is more important than partisan politics, so it bears mentioning that this won’t sit nicely in the belly of those on the political right. But Sessions vs. Binderup is a big deal to anyone who seeks freedom from the continued oppression of the federal government.

Trump administration lawyers are urging the Supreme Court to reject a 2nd Amendment claim that would restore the right to own a gun for two Pennsylvania men who were convicted more than 20 years ago of nonviolent crimes. –LA Times

One of the two men, Julio Suarez, has had his case consolidated with that of David Binderup. Both were convicted of nonviolent crimes and seek to have their gun rights restored.  Their “crimes” are described as the following:


Day 217.8. Hillary’Hillarys , Hackers, and Henchmen

George WebbPublished on May 28, 2017

Kim Jong-Un Watches As North Korea Tests New Anti-Aircraft Weapon / by Tyler Durden / May 28, 2017

With Trump back from his trip, and speculation again emerging that Trump may “wag the dog” and launch an attack on the Kim regime to deflect from the domestic media onslaught a la Syria, especially after last night’s report that the US has deployed a third carrier group to the Western Pacific, on Sunday Korea’s state news agency, KCNA reported that after weeks of defiant ballistic missile tests Kim Jong Un supervised the test of a new anti-aircraft weapon system and ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country.


While KCNA did not report the exact nature of the weapon or the time of the test it said it was organized by the Academy of National Defence Science, a blacklisted agency that is believed to be developing missiles and nuclear weapons.


Addiction, Trump’s Budget And Justified Anger / by Karl Denninger / 2017-05-28

Let’s talk about the screamfest that is already starting, amplified in the media, about Trump’s budget and the cuts to Medicaid that are embodied in it.

Oh, cuts you say?  Yes, cuts.  See, Trump knows as do the other politicians that medical spending growing at 9% a year, which is the pattern over the last three decades, will bankrupt the United States.  Congress pretends this “won’t happen” but I can tell you with utter certainty they are well-aware of it and in fact senate staffers admitted to me, in person, that they both were aware of it and intentionally ignoring it roughly five years ago.

What Trump is trying to do with his budget, and what the Republicans and Democrats eventually will do is toss the grenade to the States.  Medicaid is the vehicle to do so; it is a federal and state joint program, so tossing off “block grants” to the states which are an effectively-fixed chunk of cash throws half the ticking bomb at them and thus blows up both federal and state budgets instead of just the federal side.

Isn’t that special?

You, for your part, will not and have not bombarded and demanded, under penalty of whatever action is necessary to enforce the demand, that both federal and state law enforcement go after the medical industry for practices that in any other business would land people in prison immediately.  Specifically, refusal to quote a price, discriminating in price between like kind and quantity of purchase by a factor of 10, 100 or even 1,000% or more based on “what sort of insurance” someone has (or whether they have it at all), billing people for things they never consented to, billing people for events that didn’t happen or products that weren’t even used, allowing a doctor to call sticking his head into a room and saying “hi” as a “consultation” and billing that at several hundred dollars and more.  You allow drug companies to take a drug that costs $500 for a year’s supply in other developed, first-world nations and charge $70,000 for it here instead of such an action being deemed an unlawful restraint of trade made illegal in laws that are over 100 years old resulting in indictments.


The Hard Reality Is That The Economy Is Deteriorating At An Accelerating Pace – Episode 1291a

X22ReportPublished on May 28, 2017

“It Wasn’t Innocent”: Macron Says Famous Trump Handshake “Was About Getting Respect” / by Tyler Durden / May 28, 2017

Of all the sights during Trump’s first trip abroad, his handshake with France’s youngest ever president, Emanual Macron, was the most memorable as well as symbolic. At their first meeting ahead of a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, the two men locked hands for so long and hard, their knuckles turned white. When Trump tried to let go first, the French leader held the shake for a few seconds more. Both men’s jaws seemed to clench.

With the handshake prompting a flurry of interpretative media reports, and on Sunday Macron told France’s Le Journal du Dimanche, that his now famous white-knuckle handshake showdown with U.S. counterpart Donald Trump was “a moment of truth”, designed to show that he’s no pushover. Macron also said that “my handshake with him, it wasn’t innocentaccording to the AP.


Twin Peaks: US Economy and EMU Inflation / by Marc Chandler / May 28, 2017

The US dollar has fallen against all the major currencies but the Canadian dollar so far this year.   The euro is the primary beneficiary of the greenback’s slide, appreciating 6.3% since the start of the year.  The divergence driver has been superseded by ideas that Europe has a turned the proverbial corner.
Even before Macron dispatched Le Pen, many investment houses and journalists were talking up European equities and the euro.   Sometimes it was offered as the counterpart to the unwind of the Trump trade.  The apparent chaos of the White House, the clumsy and disorganized efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act, and the prevarications,  increased the skepticism over the Administration’s larger economic agenda.
The dollar also weakened in the first part of last year.  It bottomed against the euro in early May 2016, and its rally was primarily an H2 16 story.  Only after Trump’s unexpected victory did the bullish dollar narrative include his agenda.   The Federal Reserve’s removal of accommodation while the ECB and BOJ were still easing and government bond yields were still negative throughout the EMU, especially at short and intermediate term coupons, and Japan was the heart of the bullish dollar narrative.  It is on top of the divergence of monetary policy that the supply-side reforms and fiscal stimulus sat, like frosting on a cake.


Day 217.7. Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen

George WebbPublished on May 28, 2017

Trump Returns, Unleashes Tweetstorm / by Tyler Durden / May 28, 2017

On Friday evening, in previewing Trump’s upcoming “war room” effort in response to the escalating media reports about Russia, the WSJ reported that one of the contemplated changes was a drastic cut to Trump’s Twitter privileges, with lawyers allegedly tasked to comb through and preapprove the president’s social media outbursts, to wit:

One major change under consideration would vet the president’s social media posts through a team of lawyers, who would decide if any needed to be adjusted or curtailed. The idea, said one of Mr. Trump’s advisers, is to create a system so that tweets “don’t go from the president’s mind out to the universe.” Some of Mr. Trump’s tweets—from hinting that he may have taped conversations with Mr. Comey to suggesting without any evidence that former President Barack Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower—have opened him to criticism and at times confounded his communications team.

As of Sunday morning, that has clearly not been implemented, because just a few hours after his return from his first international trip, Trump unleashed a 6-tweet (for now) tweetstorm, touching on everything from the “great success” of his first foreign trip, to the controversial special election in Montana, and finally going back to his favorite topic fake news in general, and “anonymous sources” in particular.