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US Employers Lobby for More Legal Tech Worker Immigration to Drive Down Wages / by  • 

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of RealityChek. To view original, click here.

It’s now become commonplace for establishment politicians and their Mainstream Media enablers to acknowledge that so-called “insurgent” presidential candidates – especially Republican Donald Trump – have“tapped into” public anger against their performance. Far less common are signs that the establishment is prepared to take even the most obvious steps to respond constructively to this anger, and Virgil Bierschwale’s excellent “Keep America at Work” blog has just turned up a great and oh-so-revealing example.

As Virgil and many others (including me) have noted, the H-1B program under which the U.S. government hands out temporary work visas to foreigners supposedly with special skills has long been abused by employers, especially in the technology sector. Claiming that they can’t find the talented workers they need in the American workforce, tech companies have frequently hired H-1Bs – and continually lobbied for more – simply in order to drive down wages and therefore boost their profits.

And in the first sentence of this paragraph, I used the word “noted,” very deliberately. For even though expanding the H-1B program enjoys strong bipartisan support among the many American political leaders who receive handsome campaign contributions from the technology industry, the U.S. government itself over the years has charged numerous tech firms with violations of the central H-1B requirement that they pay these workers prevailing wages.


Dis-Integrating America / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 21:55

Submitted by Pat Buchanan via,

The Wednesday morning murders of 24-year-old Roanoke TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were a racist atrocity, a hate crime. Were they not white, they would be alive today.

Their killer, Vester L. Flanagan II, said as much in his farewell screed. He ordered his murder weapon, he said, two days after the slaughter of nine congregants at the African-American AME church in Charleston, South Carolina.

“What sent me over the top was the church shooting,” said Flanagan.

To be sure, racism does not fully explain why Flanagan, fired from that same WDBJ7 station, committed this act of pure evil.

Black and homosexual, he said he was the target of anti-gay slurs from black males and racial insults from white colleagues. He had gotten himself fired from other jobs in broadcasting. He carried a grab bag of grudges and resentments.

Yet, in the last analysis, The Washington Post headline got it right: “Gunman’s letter frames attack as racial revenge.”

Other news organizations downplayed the racial aspect. But had those murdered journalists been young and black, and their killer a 40-something “angry white male,” the racial motivation would have been front and center in their stories.

Now, Black America is surely as sickened by this horror outside Roanoke as was White America by the Charleston massacre.


New Revelations Confirm True Scale of Ashley Madison ‘Honey Pot’ / AUGUST 29, 2015

21st Century Wire says…

Last week, 21WIRE reported on the eminent demise of the controversial adult dating website, Ashley Madison, which was the center of an alleged “hack” which is said to have exposed its 37 million adulterous members.

We posed the simple question: Is Ashley Madison really just a harmless adult fun website, or is it something more? Could it be one of the internet’s greatest COINTEL PRO honey pot? New revelations are proving that we were very much on-point to ask that question.

Even worse however, is how researchers have discovered how many of the website’s ‘female’ members are actually phony sock-puppet accounts, operated by paid keyboard jockeys…


TSA Worker Accused of Molesting Girl in Airport Bathroom / Joshua Krause / August 29th, 2015

Imagine a profession that grants its workers the power to confiscate the belongings of law-abiding citizens, detain them arbitrarily, scan them with machines that can record their naked bodies, and physically fondle the private parts of adults and children.

Now imagine if that job granted police powers without requiring law enforcement training, and was so frowned upon and hated by the vast majority of the public, that they would probably have to hire just about anyone who walks through the door. With all that power and responsibility combined with such low standards, you could reasonably expect that job to attract absolutely horrible people, right?

Of course it would. Which would probably explain why the following transpired:

QUEENS, N.Y. (WABC) –A TSA screener is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at LaGuardia Airport in New York City after telling her she needed to be searched in the bathroom.


Stagnant US Economic Growth Explained (In 1 Cartoon) / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 21:20

Presented with no comment…


Washington, London Help Spin New ‘Russiaphobia’ Campaign In Spain


Anglo-American meme: “Putin did it!” / AUGUST 29, 2015

21st Century Wire says…

According to reports this week, a Russian Naval submarine, the Novorossiysk, passed through the English Channel last week and was allowed to drop anchor and refuel just 19 miles off the coast Britain’s tiny, but strategically important territory of Gibraltar. What has followed is a fabricate international controversy – ginned-up by the usual suspects.

British-controlled government of Gibraltar fired the first salvo. According to the Mail Online, a vice chairman for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Gibraltar, said: “Spain has consistently ignored the borders of Gibraltar’s territorial waters, rammed their ships, and even fired shots at boats filled with tourists.” He finished off by adding, “And now, to cap it all off, they are allowing the navy of an unfriendly power to park their submarine less than 18 miles away.”

One thing is certain: the Anglo-American agenda to encircle Russia and destabilize its neighbors is a long-term project. Mandarins on both sides of the aisle in Washington DC seem content to carry on with the policy of isolating Russia and ham-stringing its immediate economic and political spheres influence. London’s stance on Russia is attached at the hip to Washington’s, that is, to blame Russia for what it can, and to maintain an inflated “threat level” in Europe for various reasons, but mainly to maximize arms sales and other ‘defense’-related products and services manufactured in the UK.


Filth-Mongering! Coca-Cola Pays Scientists to Fool You

Nate / By  / Aug 28, 2015

Recently, Coca-Cola handed $1.5 million to a brigade of scientists to fund their BS propaganda front called the Global Energy Balance Network.

Its purpose is simple: Concoct skewed research showing a poor diet (including sugary beverages… like… Coca-Cola products!) is not to blame for obesity! Instead of dumping the soda, we just need to exercise more.

They’re attempting to spread this drivel despite the scientific evidence showing sugar-saturated concoctions…

  1. Wreck your insulin sensitivity (causing you to store more fat).
  2. Increase your child’s risk of obesity 60% for every serving they drink per day.
  3. And put you on the fast track for Type 2 diabetes.

You’d think the “voluntary public-private, not-for-profit organization” (their words) that funded and published this research would mention these things. Especially considering its vice president, Steven N. Blair, is a top exercise scientist for the University of South Carolina and has played a hefty role in forming the federal guidelines for physical activity.


Citigroup Chief Economist Thinks Only “Helicopter Money” Can Save The World Now / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 – 20:00

Having recently explained (in great detail) why QE4 (and 5, 6 & 7) were inevitable (despite the protestations of all central planners, except for perhaps Kocharlakota – who never met an economy he didn’t want to throw free money at), we found it fascinating that no lessor purveyor of the status quo’s view of the world – Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter – that a global recession is imminent and nothing but a major blast of fiscal spending financed by outright “helicopter” money from the central banks will avert the deepening crisis. Faced with China’s ‘Quantitative Tightening’, the economist who proclaimed “gold is a 6000-year old bubble” and cash should be banned, concludes ominously, “everybody will be adversely affected.”

China has bungled its attempt to slow the economy gently and is sliding into “imminent recession”, threatening to take the world with it over coming months, Citigroup has warned. As The Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports, Willem Buiter, the bank’s chief economist, said the country needs a major blast of fiscal spending financed by outright “helicopter” money from the bank to avert a deepening crisis.

Speaking on a panel at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York, Mr Buiter said the dollar will “go through the roof” if the US Federal Reserve lifts interest rates this year, compounding the crisis for emerging markets.

So why it matters is that the competence of the Chinese authorities as managers of the macro economy is really in question – the messing around with monetary policy, the hinting on doing things on the fiscal side through the policy banks. But I think the only thing that is likely to stop China from going into, I think, recession – which is, you know, 4 percent growth on the official data, the mendacious official data, for a year or so – is a large consumption-oriented fiscal stimulus, funded through the central government and preferably monetized by the People’s Bank of China.


Global Silver Inventories Tipping Point? New Threat To The Fracking Industry / by on August 29, 2015

If the world’s stock markets continue to unravel over the next several months, we could experience a tipping point in Global Silver Inventories.  In addition, the U.S. Fracking Industry is now facing a new threat which could lead to a serious drop in domestic oil production.

I sat down with Mike Gleason at Money Metals Exchange and discussed these topics and more:


Citigroup Chief Economist Thinks Only “Helicopter Money” Can Save The World Now

InvestmentWatch / Submitted by IWB, on August 29th, 2015

Having recently explained (in great detail) why QE4 (and 5, 6 & 7) were inevitable(despite the protestations of all central planners, except for perhaps Kocharlakota – who never met an economy he didn’t want to throw free money at), we found it fascinating that no lessor purveyor of the status quo’s view of the world – Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter – that a global recession is imminent and nothing but a major blast of fiscal spending financed by outright “helicopter” money from the central banks will avert the deepening crisis. Faced with China’s ‘Quantitative Tightening’, the economist who proclaimed “gold is a 6000-year old bubble” and cash should be banned, concludes ominously, “everybody will be adversely affected.”

China has bungled its attempt to slow the economy gently and is sliding into “imminent recession”, threatening to take the world with it over coming months, Citigroup has warned. As The Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports, Willem Buiter, the bank’s chief economist, said the country needs a major blast of fiscal spending financed by outright “helicopter” money from the bank to avert a deepening crisis.

Speaking on a panel at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York, Mr Buiter said the dollar will “go through the roof” if the US Federal Reserve lifts interest rates this year, compounding the crisis for emerging markets.


What Bill Dudley’s Hedge Fund Advisors Told Him About A September Rate Hike / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 18:42

By now virtually every prominent financial authority or pundit has chimed in and told the Fed not to hike rates: these include the IMF, Larry Summers (who for some reason lost the fight with Yellen for the Fed chair because he was seen as “too hawkish” – oops, irony), and even China. Yet all of these are irrelevant, because when it comes to soliciting opinions, the NY Fed in general, and former Goldmanite Bill Dudley in particular, care about just one group of “advisors” – the Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets(a group created in July 2009 after the 2008 market crash) also known as the billionaires who run the country’s biggest hedge funds, prop desks and PE firms, including JPM, Credit Suisse, Apollo, Blackrock, Blue Mountain, Brevan Howard, Tudor, Fortress, and lo and behold, David “Balls to the Wall” Tepper.

The next IACFM meeting is scheduled to take place in October, as such it will be too late to change the Fed’s opinion for a potential September 17 rate hike.  Which is why we have to revert to the latest advisory committee meeting which took place on June 25, just before the Greek referendum was announced and two months before the Chinese devaluation, the July FOMC minutes and subsequent market correction. It will have to do.

This is what the “smartest people in the room” told Bill Dudley and his minions about a potential September rate hike. From the June 25, 2015 minutes:

Domestic Developments

Committee attendees discussed the outlook for the U.S. economy and their expectations for monetary policy. Overall, they noted that real economic activity has gradually improved after a lackluster first quarter. Committee attendees characterized indicators of realized inflation as improving, but subdued relative to FOMC objectives. Meanwhile, the labor market was viewed as at or near full employment.


Leveraged Financial Speculation to GDP in the US at a Familiar Peak, Once Again

My / By Jesse / 29 AUGUST 2015

“I believe myriad global “carry trades” – speculative leveraging of securities – are the unappreciated prevailing source of finance behind interlinked global securities market Bubbles. They amount to this cycle’s government-directed finance unleashed to jump-start a global reflationary cycle.

I’m convinced that perhaps Trillions worth of speculative leverage have accumulated throughout global currency and securities markets at least partially based on the perception that policymakers condone this leverage as integral (as mortgage finance was previously) in the fight against mounting global deflationary forces.”

Doug Noland, Carry Trades and Trend-Following Strategies

The basic diagnosis is correct.   But the nature of the disease, and the appropriate remedies, may not be so easily apprehended, except through simple common sense.  And that is a rare commodity these days.

Like a dog returns to its vomit, the Fed’s speculative bubble policy enables the one percent to once again feast on the carcass of the real economy.

‘And no one could have ever seen it coming.’

Once is an accident.

Twice is no coincidence.

Exactly what has changed since then?

What will the third time be like?  And the fourth?


Guns, Drugs, and Booze: The Bipartisan Support for Prohibition

Mises Daily Article Aug 29 /  / AUGUST 29, 2015

It’s been noticed more than a few times that there aren’t many substantive differences between the Republicans and Democrats. While this is true in many ways for the parties themselves, the Left and Right certainly differ on a range of issues from welfare to abortion to gay rights.

What they have in common — at least the mainstream varieties — is a desire to use the state to shape society in whatever way they see fit. As Andrew Napolitano put it, “We have migrated from a two-party system into a one-party system, the big-government party. There’s a democratic wing that likes taxes and wealth transfers and assaults on commercial liberties and there’s a republican wing that likes war and deficits and assaults uncivil liberties.” And both parties love prohibition, just of different things.

Alcohol Prohibition

There aren’t many people left who believe the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s was a good idea. Interestingly enough, it was the progressives of the time that pushed for that. As historian William Leuchtenburg noted, “It was a movement that was embraced by progressives.” On the other side, in the words of historian Daniel Okrent, were the “… economic conservatives who … pushed so hard for repeal.”

Prohibition turned out to be a disaster. A report from the Cato Institute found that after Prohibition passed in 1920, homicide rates increased, corruption increased, alcohol-related deaths were unchanged and after a short dip in 1921, alcohol consumption returned to what it had been before the law was passed. Furthermore, in the midst of this chaos, Al Capone and organized crime came to power. Indeed, black markets and prohibition go together like peas and carrots.


Greece – Now What / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 17:29

Submitted by George Kintis of Alcimos

Greece – Now What

For those of you who like fast-forwarding to the end of the film, here it is:

  • Grexit was never on the cards. Even less so after the recent European Summit decisions and the Greek bank recap recently put in motion. This is mainly on account of the dual surpluses Greece currently runs: the current-account and primary budget ones. Even if one could push a magic button and kick Greece out the euro, there is nothing that would prevent Greece from immediately reintroducing it, Kosovo- or Montenegro-style. The only impediment would be the funding of the banking system, but this is being taken care of.
  • There has been a decoupling of a large part of the Greek economy from the sovereign issue; for example, exports of goods and services, accounting for around 30% of the Greek economy have been growing at 9% a year. Investors readily recognize this in publicly-traded assets (most Greek corporate bonds are trading well above the sovereign ceiling), but are so far oblivious to it when it comes to non-traded ones (e.g., loans, receivables, etc.). This is a “ginormous” arbitrage opportunity—one just needs to put in a bit of legwork to identify, diligence and acquire such assets. Sorry, you can’t do it off your Bloomberg terminal, or over lunch at Cecconi’s.
  • Greece does not have a functioning banking system—credit has been contracting for years, while new origination is practically non-existent. This depresses asset prices to ridiculous levels—even prices of assets which are uncorrelated to the sovereign situation, per the previous point. This reversal of this situation is likely to start in Q2 2016, post the Greek bank recap, which we expect will be coupled with a bank bail-in—and the mother of all NPL trades.


Market Timing Signal: Down / By Jeff Pierce / Aug. 29, 2015

Things are starting to come into focus as to the future direction of the markets in my opinion, and when I say opinion that is what my market timing signal is telling me. On August 20th we got our final confirmation that the markets were in full on bearish mode and you saw what happened after that. I believe things are just getting started with a new trend in the process of forming but these do take some time. Expect further upside to suck in the masses and convince everyone that last week was an anomaly and that it’s back to business as usual.

I explain further in this short 5 min video. Now is the time to be in cash and looking for short entries.


Court Rules That Illegal Aliens Have Second Amendment Rights / Joshua Krause / August 29th, 2015

When Mario Meza-Rodriguez was five years old, his parents brought him into the United States illegally. By the time he was an adult, he managed to get in trouble with the police after getting into a bar fight two years ago. When the police arrested him, they discovered a .22 caliber pistol in his pocket. Even though illegal aliens can’t own firearms under federal law, Meza-Rodriguez argued in court that charging him for possessing the pistol would violate his Second Amendment rights. The court disagreed. He was convicted and deported.


Why The Great Petrodollar Unwind Could Be $2.5 Trillion Larger Than Anyone Thinks / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 18:04

Last weekend, we explained why it really all comes down to the death of the petrodollar.

China’s transition to a new currency regime was supposed to represent a move towards a greater role for the market in determining the exchange rate for the yuan. That’s not exactly what happened. As BNP’s Mole Hau hilariously described it last week, “whereas the daily fix was previously used to fix the spot rate, the PBoC now seemingly fixes the spot rate to determine the daily fix, [thus] the role of the market in determining the exchange rate has, if anything, been reduced in the short term.” Of course a reduced role for the market means a greater role for the PBoC and that, in turn, means FX reserve liquidation or, more simply, the sale of US Treasurys on a massive scale.

The liquidation of hundreds of billions in US paper made national headlines this week, as the world suddenly became aware of what it actually means when countries begin to draw down their FX reserves. But in order to truly comprehend what’s going on here, one needs to look at China’s UST liquidation in the context of the epochal shift that began to unfold 10 months ago. When it became clear late last year that Saudi Arabia was determined to use crude prices to bankrupt US shale producers and secure other “ancillary diplomatic benefits” (think leverage over Russia), it ushered in a new era for producing nations. Suddenly, the flow of petrodollars began to dry up as prices plummeted. These were dollars that for years had been recycled into USD assets in a virtuous loop for everyone involved. The demise of that system meant that the flow of exported petrodollar capital (i.e. USD recycling) suddenly turned negative for the first time in decades, as countries like Saudi Arabia looked to their stash of FX reserves to shore up their finances in the face of plunging crude. Of course the sustained downturn in oil prices did nothing to help the commodities complex more broadly and as commodity currencies plunged, the yuan’s dollar peg meant China’s export-driven economy was becoming less and less competitive. Cue the devaluation and subsequent FX market interventions.


Current Economic Collapse News Brief – Episode 753

X22ReportPublished on Aug 29, 2015

Did Tim Cook Lie To Save Apple Stock: Apple “Channel Checks” Paint A Very Gloomy Picture / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 – 16:54

Back in February 2013, Thorsten Heins, then-CEO of what was once the iconic “smartphone” brand Blackberry, publicly lied that its Hail Mary iPhone competitor, the Z10, had “record” early sales. He told CNET, that “BlackBerry nearly tripled the sales of its best performance over the first week in the U.K., while it had its best first day ever in Canada. In fact, it was more than 50 percent better than any other launch day in our history in Canada.”

Less than one year later, and less than two years after he was hired, the ruse was up – Blackberry’s US market share has fallen from 50% to 3% in four years – and Thorsten was fired.

Fast forward to Monday morning, when the S&P500 had just hit its first limit down in history, stocks were crashing, countless ETFs were crashing more as ETF pricing models were corrupt and broken, the QQQs were plummeting, and none other than AAPL was set to open at a price of $92 wiping out tens of billions of market cap overnight.

It is then that AAPL CEO Tim Cook may have pulled a page straight out of Thorsten Heins’ playbook when did something nobody expected him to do – he panicked, and emailed CNBC anchor Jim Cramer to do what the AAPL CEO himself admitted the company does not do by providing mid-quarter updates, and assure the CNBC anchor that there is no need to sell AAPL stock.

Specifically he said that:

 “I get updates on our performance in China every day, including this morning, and I can tell you that we have continued to experience strong growth for our business in China through July and August. Growth in iPhone activations has actually accelerated over the past few weeks, and we have had the best performance of the year for the App Store in China during the last 2 weeks.”


29/8/15: Migration & Natural Changes in Irish Population: Top Level Analysis of 2015 data / by  / Saturday, August 29, 2015

Irish migration and population data for the 12 months through April 2015 have been published by CSO recently. It is a tough read.
Let’s take a look at overall picture (2015 here references May 2014-April 2015 period as per CSO data):
    • There were 67,000 births in 2015, down on 67,700 in 2014 – a decline of 700. Compared to peak births year – 2010 – births are down 10,200.
    • There were also 29,600 deaths in 2015, compared to 29,800 in 2014 which is 3,200 lower than peak year (1990), but more significantly – below 2013 and 2014 readings.
    • Which means that natural increase in population was 37,400 in 2015, compared to 37,900 in 2014. This is the lowest natural rate of population increase since 2006 and it is driven exclusively by decline in birth rate which fell to 1.445% (births as percentage of total population) from 1.469% in 2014. Current birth rate is the lowest since 2001.
    • Immigration into Ireland amounted to 69,300 in 2015, an uplift on 60,300 in 2014 and the highest reading since 2009.Immigration has been increasing every year starting with 2013. Note: I will be blogging on quality of immigration and emigration separately, so stay tuned. Current rate of immigration is ahead of 2008-2014 average (64,500) but behind 2000-2007 average (80,100).

Is China’s Firesale of US Treasuries The End For The U.S. Dollar? / by  • 

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Economy and Markets. To view original, click here.

China, the biggest foreign creditor of the United States, owns a truckload of our government bonds. Over the past several weeks, it’s been selling some of those bonds to prop up their currency, the yuan. This is supposed to signal the end of the dollar. As the Chinese put our bonds out for the bid, interest rates are going to shoot higher, driving down the value of the greenback and making imports unaffordable. At least, that’s what dollar haters have expected for years.


Venezuela: Dozens Injured During Supermarket Stampede / Joshua Krause / August 29th, 2015

Venezuela’s socialist economy has been crumbling for some time now, as the value of their currency plunges and store shelves are stripped bare. Their command and control financial system has led to nothing but poverty and shortages, which is inevitable in any strictly socialist nation. And where you have shortages, you’ll find people displaying erratic and desperate behavior.


Finding Pearls Of Wisdom In The Donald’s Trumperbolic Campaign / by Tyler Durden on 08/29/2015 – 16:20

Authored by Ben Tanosborn,

I’ve just received an interesting query from Mingo, a long-standing European journalist friend and expert on all-things-Afghan… someone whose acquaintanceship dates back to the early days of America’s involvement in Afghanistan.  Someone, I might add, who did prove to have in 2004 a clearer vision of what was to happen in that country than most, if not all, military experts, media gurus and politicians in the US.  My writings at that time can attest to that.

Mingo’s question is about the perception, he claims, Europeans have on US’ current state of the 2016 presidential election, and what he’s calling “the phenomenon Trump.”  His incredulity as to the number of possible followers Trump is said to have (if accurately reflected by the polling) seems to match the incredulity by much of America’s media, or of career politicians sucking on Washington’s udder. “How can ‘that many’ Americans take seriously an arrogant charlatan and be swept away by ridiculous and undisguised hyperbole,” is a question that not just Mingo raises, but one that many have been asking for weeks since Donald Trump decided to enter presidential politics.

But it isn’t catchy phrases seasoned with political hyperbole that have been coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth; it’s not just exaggerations sliding out for emphasis or effect.  The short, catchy statements coming out of the leading Republican candidate are not the expected quantifiable or qualifiable exaggerations we are accustomed to hearing from the current political version of yesteryear’s traveling medicine man. Hyperbole has been elevated to a new literary status more in line with the stature of its charismatic and billionaire originator: trumperbole.  If Trump’s $3 billion wealth can be subjectively inflated to $10 billion, why not just pump hyperbole and call it trumperbole or, in similar fashion, reclassify trump as an adjective and give it comparative and superlative forms: trumper, trumpest, anyone?  Well, these days in the US, we are seeing our celebrated and self-proclaimed potential savior, Donald Trump, as the non-politician politician proudly donning capitalist airs and shouting the trumpest trumperbole.


Everett Mitchell Won’t Prosecute / by Karl Denninger / 2015-08-29 15:24

The director of community relations for UW-Madison has declared, effectively, that you may go rob his house with impunity.

“I just don’t think that they should be prosecuting cases … for people who steal from Wal-Mart. I just don’t think that, right?” said UW-Madison director of community relations Everett Mitchell. “I don’t think [with] Target or all them other places, them big box stores that have insurance, they should be using justification, the fact that people steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police practices, right?”


How Much Food Do I Need to Survive What Is Coming? / by  / August 29, 2015

How Much Food Do I Need?

In these days of extreme uncertainty, many are wondering how much food does my family need?  In fact, the most common question that I receive from readers and listeners is, how much food do I need in order to survive what is coming?  Since things like serving sizes, calories and appetites all factor into the equation, there is not a “one-size fits all” answer to the question.  I can, however, use the information that I have, along with some simple math, to help you make an informed, intelligent decision regarding your storable food needs.

As mentioned earlier, the key factors in determining your food storage needs are Servings and Calories.  The servings per bucket are clearly outlined on the Food for Liberty website, and the calories per serving for Numanna food is 270 calories per serving.  I have also fielded numerous questions regarding packaging and freshness.  Once you open the Mylar bag containing the food, you need to merely re-seal it with the zipper-lock seal provided with each bag.  You will no longer have a 25 year shelf life once you open the bag, it will, however, last for quite some time as long as it’s kept dry. Please understand that the recommendations below are intended to be merely a guide, for everyone’s appetite is different.  With those factors in mind, let’s get started.