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Tabloid Version of Financial and Political News / by Gary Christenson / 

What if tabloids reported financial and political news?

Satire alert!  To the best of my knowledge probably none of the following “news” is true.

  •  Maverick inventor creates high-tech magnet that extracts gold from sea water.  Price of gold plunges to $750 per ounce.  Goldman Sachs public relations specialist, Mr. I. R. Squid quoted as saying, “See, we were right and gold will drop even further.”
  • Illegal aliens coming into the U.S. over the Mexican border actually are aliens.  Their massive mother ship was filmed as it departed after unloading over 30,000 aliens who look just like us. 
  • Mayor of New York City worried about dehydration of New Yorkers during summer heat and banned all drink cups LESS than 32 ounces.  Emergency room visits plummeted during the next 7 days. 
  • Massive green plant over 200 feet tall emerges from Iowa bean field was planted with high-tech seeds.  Farmer’s name is Jack and he calls it his GMO beanstalk. 
  • Another prominent derivative banker committed suicide by shooting himself 3 times in the back of his head. 


Gold Tumbles Most In 6 Weeks As USD Surges / by Tyler Durden / 09/02/2014 10:37

It appears JPY weakness (or generalized USD strength) is mirroring the demise of precious metals (and oil) this morning. Gold’s 1.7% drop is the biggest in 6 weeks and drops the yellow metal to near 3-month lows. Treasury yields are up 5-8bps at the long-end. Troublingly, for the carry bulls, equity futures are not playing along with the JPY weakness.


Something to “Point At”? / Bill Holter / September 2nd, 2014

Not that you would know it by reading or viewing mainstream news last week, World War III took a very big leap towards going live.  First, last Wednesday was the biggest news when Gazprom announced they would be selling oil and gas for rubles and yuan.  We knew for a fact this was coming sooner or later, it has arrived.  It is so important that you understand what this really means.  This is the very first time since 1973 where oil will be traded with public terms NOT being dollars.  Yes, Iran is and has been selling oil for gold and euros over the last couple of years but not “publicly” so to speak.  Gazprom which is Russia’s equivalent to the American’s ExxonMobil has announced this publicly and as their new policy.  As I wrote several weeks back, now you must ask yourself who will follow Gazprom’s example?

The following day (Thursday), there were NATO reports of Russian troops and hardware crossing the Ukraine border.  I saw a report of an estimated 20,000 troops, but this link was taken down immediately and I believe it to be false.  Russia has continually denied they have troops within sovereign Ukraine.  Then came Friday, the U.S. proposed further sanctions and British Prime Minister Cameron proposed locking Russia out of the SWIFT system.  Do you see a pattern here?  Russia moves step by step further from the dollar which is followed by the West turning the screws tighter to start a live war.  We have had several reports of “Russia invading” or “Russian tanks destroyed” and even an airliner actually shot down in an effort to spark war but Mr. Putin refuses so far to take the bait.

Let me switch gears here for a moment and then come back.  If you look around the world today, there are many situations big enough to “point at.”  What do I mean by “point at?”  Think about this, the U.S. and the dollar system is clearly financially upside down and not viable any longer.  How would it “look” if all of a sudden one Monday morning the banks and markets did just not open because a panic started?  When I say “look,” I am talking about the “perception” to the common man.  This cannot be allowed to happen, there absolutely MUST be “something” to point at as the reason or the cause.


Do We Dare Follow Obama Into WW III? The President’s Treason Quotient / by Dave Hodges / September 2, 2014

Red pill or blue pill?

The United States could be months away from a total subversion of all of its constitutional principles, its traditions, its wealth and ultimately the freedom and survival of millions of its citizens. This very real possibility is due to the fact that America could soon be engaged in a war of national survival. The fundamental question surrounding this article is whether, or not, the American people can trust the current President to do his best to defend the Constitution, our culture and even our very lives? Is Obama capable of setting aside his apparent differences with the mainstream of the American people to protect them in the very dark days that lie ahead? Or, is Obama is the right man, at the right time to engineer a total communist subversion of the United States at its most critical hour?

All In the Family

The analysis of Obama’s suitability to hold the highest office in the land begins with an analysis of Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis

We can easily find that Davis was a member of the Communist Party and a former Soviet Agent who was under FBI investigation for a total of 19 years. In 1948, Davis moved from Chicago to Hawaii leaving behind a colleague named Vernon Jarrett, father-in-law of Senior White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Yes, the Jarrett’s are communists as well.  Both Jarrett and Davis wrote for a left wing newspaper called the Chicago Defender in which they espoused a communist takeover of the United States Government. In 1971, Davis, according to Joel Gilbert‘sseminal work, reunited with his then nine-year-old son, Barack Obama, and schooled him in the ways of being a good communist for the next nine years.

Following the nine years of mentoring and parenting by Frank Davis, Obama made some very important communist connections which ultimately led to him obtaining an impressive college education financed by some very familiar communist activists, namely, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. You remember Bill and Bernardine, don’t you? FBI special informant , Larry Grathwohl, and Joel Gilbert credit the the two with launching Obama’s political career from their Chicago living room. Just who are the two benefactors of President Obama’s political career?

The Prairie Fire book was co-authored by Dohrn and Ayers, and, quite unbelievably, it was dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy’s assassin. Former FBI informant, While appearing on The Common Sense Show,Larry Grathwohl, revealed that he testified in a court of law that Ayers and Dohrn had direct involvement in a terrorist plot which killed San Francisco police sergeant, Brian V. McDonnell, by a bomb made and planted by these Weathermen Underground terrorists.

Grathwohl also revealed that he asked Ayers, in a meeting of about 25 well-to do Weathermen, most with advanced degrees from Ivy League Universities, what the Weathermen planned to do when they achieved their goal of a communist take over of the government. Grathwohl stated that Ayers paused for a moment and then said that it was likely that about 50 million Americans will have to be re-educated in concentration camps located in the American Southwest and that about 25 million would have to be eliminated, meaning that they would have to be murdered.  Bill and Bernardine’s Weather Underground had the support of Cuba, East German intelligence and the North Vietnamese.


ISM Manufacturing Surges With New Orders At 10-Year High; Construction Spending Jumps Most In Over 2 Years / by Tyler Durden / 09/02/2014 10:10

ISM Manufacturing has risen almost without hesitation for the seven months from the January collapse to new 3-year highsprinting at a dramatic 59.0, its biggest beat in over a year, just shy of the recovery cycle’s highs in 2011. New orders grew for the 15th month in a row to the highest reading since 2004! Earlier, Markit’s US PMI missed expectations and fell modestly from preliminary data to 57.9, but moved to its highest since April 2010. Construction spending also surged, rising 1.8% (smashing expectations) – its biggest MoM gain since May 2012.


Goon Thugs and Gullible Conservatives — Paul Craig Roberts / By Paul Craig Roberts / September 1, 2014

Reports, such as this one , are routine occurrences that happen many times each day. Gratuitous police violence in America is totally out of control. Every day police murder 1.4 Americans, and beat, taser, body slam, and break into the homes of many others. Ferguson made it into the news, but Americans suffer police violence every day.

In response to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, apologists for police brutality concocted every possible excuse imaginable in order to justify Brown’s killing. Yet, we know for a fact that unprovoked police violence is routine and apparently unavoidable. The willingness of “law and order conservatives” to give the police the benefit of the doubt in the face of all evidence to the contrary is inexcusable.

In the story reported in the above link, a 68-year old woman and her adopted daughter were attacked in their home by a goon thug SWAT team that destroyed their unlocked front door, threw stun grenades into the home blowing out the windows, ordered the women to the floor with rifles pointed at their heads, handcuffed them and paraded them out of the house in front of neighbors.

What was it all about? More stupid incompetence and outrageous behavior by our goon thugs.


U.S. Army Drills To Battle Political Dissent And Fight Crime In ‘Megacities’ / By Eric Blair /  01 September 2014 16:34

This article was written by Eric Blair and originally published at Activist Post

As we’ve witnessed recently in Ferguson, Missouri, the difference between police and military is already nearly indistinguishable. In other words, the Army is already taking on peaceful citizens in domestic cities. Tank-supported SWAT teams already grenade and raid homes to serve warrants for victimless, non-violent offenses. What more can they possibly train for?

The U.S. Army is now officially getting into the crime-fighting business. According to the Army Times, the Army is training to fight battles in megacities, not against other armies, but to help local authorities root out shadowy criminals, extremists and, wait for it, wait for it, influential political dissidents.

The Army Times reports on this year’s Unified Quest war games drill:

“When the Army looks to the future, it sees cities. Dense, sprawling, congested cities where criminal and extremist groups flourish almost undetected by authorities, but who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state.

And the service is convinced that these “megacities” of 20 million or more people will be the battleground of the future.”


Memo To Washington: Iraq Is Not A Nation And You Can’t Build It With Bombs / by David Stockman • 

Washington’s strategy in Iraq is in shambles, but not just because America’s spanker-in-chief is really a wimp at heart. The problem is far more generic. To wit, the geographic territory of Iraq is not a nation; it is an arbitrary series of lines on a map drawn 100 years ago by dandies in the foreign offices of two fading empires (the British and the French)—–which lines encircled numerous tribes, ethnicities and religious confessions which had no interest in sharing a common statehood.

In the subsequent century, the warring peoples corralled within the Sykes-Picot boundaries were ram-rodded into a tenuous co-existence by a series of brutal monarchs, generals and dictators, backed up by British and American occupiers. But then the neo-con geniuses in the George W. Bush Administration hung the last dictator and the poll readers in the Obama White House had the good sense to adhere to their campaign pledge and bug out.

They left behind $25 billion in military training and state-of-the-art warfare equipment, but neither a dictator nor a nation. Indeed, under the later heading they had endeavored to build a nation where there had been none, but ended up liquidating the machinery—–the Republican Guards and the Baathist political party—that had enforced co-existence with machine guns and poison gas canisters.

Foolishly claiming America’s job was done at the end of 2011 when the last GIs boarded transports out of Bagdad,  Barrack Obama was actually opening the gates of hell without a clue as to the furies that would soon come swarming through. Well, they are all here now with blood soaked hands grasping their weapons and agitated tongues issuing the spittle of revenge and historic enmities.

Yet the foolish man in the White House and his historically illiterate advisors keep banging the same old failed lever. Namely, they are once again attempting to deploy bombs, dollars and hortatory commands to cajole and herd Sunni, Shiite, Kurds and numerous other sectarian and tribal fragments from the time warp of history into a common polity—-a purported nation that would do Washington’s bidding in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.



Gold & Silver: Jobs Report Tactics / By Stewart Thomson / 2 September 2014

  1. Gold has a rough general tendency to decline during the week leading up to the release of the US Employment Situation Report (jobs report).
  2. Following the release of that report (Friday at 8:30AM), gold tends to begin a decent minor or intermediate trend rally.
  3. Gold has exhibited this trading pattern for quite some time.  It is likely to continue to do so, for the foreseeable future.
  4. Please click here now.  On this two hour bars chart for gold, I’ve highlighted the gold price action during the week leading up to the release of the August 1st jobs report.  The minor trend decline is clear.
  5. Please click here now.  Here, I’ve highlighted the nice rally that began following the release of that report.  The minor trend strength of the rally is clear.
  6. To view the current gold price action, please click here now.  The next jobs report is only a few days away, and gold is exhibiting a typical minor decline leading up to the release of the report.  The minor trend decline is clear.
  7. It’s important that the Western gold community doesn’t confuse the jobs report trading pattern for gold, with the big picture for gold.
  8. The jobs report moves the price of gold in isolation from the big picture, and does so in a very minor way. 
  9. Amateur investors that use leverage to invest in gold, will easily be frightened by the price action created by night time liquidity flows from funds and banks on the COMEX, particularly as the jobs report approaches. 
  10. Many of the gold market sell-offs that precede the jobs report tend to begin around 2AM – 4AM New York time.  Some gold community analysts have suggested that this is market manipulation that regulators should investigate on a trade by trade basis.



The U.S. Army is preparing to fight political dissidents who challenge the power of the state as “megacities” become the battleground of the future, according to a new report in the Army Times.

The article details how the Army’s Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) worked with US Army Special Operations Command, the chief of staff’s Strategic Studies Group and the UK’s Ministry of Defence earlier this year to wargame the future of armed combat, which will revolve around the neutralization of groups “who can influence the lives of the population while undermining the authority of the state,” a chillingly vague description which could easily be applied to political dissidents.

The plan foresees an unprecedented realignment of U.S. military strategy focused around putting “boots on the ground” in megacities to deal with “politically dispossessed” populations while relying on “more lethal and more autonomous” methods.

“It is inevitable that at some point the United States Army will be asked to operate in a megacity and currently the Army is ill-prepared to do so,” asserted a report by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno’s Strategic Studies Group, while Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster warned that the Army will increasingly have to expand its presence to battle an enemy which operates in “other contested spaces like organized crime and politics.”


The Chart Obama Does Not Want Merkel To See / by Tyler Durden / 09/02/2014 09:47

The weekend’s headlines reeled from the collapse in global manufacturing PMIs and with them the last best hope for the world’s economies to reach escape velocity all on their own. However, there was one nation that did not plunge… there was one country whose growth (based on the soft survey data) is at 10-month highs. Perhaps this is the chart that President ‘we need moar sanctions and costs’ Obama does not want Angela ‘umm, wait a minute’ Merkel to see…


U.S. Preps For Ebola Outbreak: Cases May Exceed 100,000 By December: “The Numbers Are Really Scary” / By Mac Slavo / September 1st, 2014

Though news on the Ebola virus has been muted since two American health care workers were admitted to U.S.-based facilities last month, the deadly contagion continues to spread. According to the World Health Organization more than 40% of all Ebola cases thus far have occurred in just the last three months, suggesting that the virus is continuing to build steam.

Physicist Alessandro Vespignani of Northeastern University in Boston is one of several researchers trying to figure out how far Ebola may spread and how many people around the world could be affected. Based on his findings, there will be 10,000 cases by September of this year and it only gets worse from there.

Extrapolating existing trends, the number of the sick and dying mounts rapidly from the current toll—more than 3000 cases and 1500 deaths—to around 10,000 cases by September 24, and hundreds of thousands in the months after that. “The numbers are really scary,” he says—although he stresses that the model assumes control efforts aren’t stepped up. “We all hope to see this NOT happening,” Vespigani writes in an e-mail.

Vespignani is not the only one trying to predict how the unprecedented outbreak will progress. Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that the number of cases could ultimately exceed 20,000. And scientists across the world are scrambling to create computer models that accurately describe the spread of the deadly virus. Not all of them look quite as bleak as Vespignani’s. But the modelers all agree that current efforts to control the epidemic are not enough to stop the deadly pathogen in its tracks.


Keiser Report: Islamic State Startup (E648)

RTPublished on Sep 2, 2014

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Islamic State resembling the Taliban with oil fields – ie a whole lot like Oklahoma. They also discuss the new Misery Index, which shows labor force participation and velocity of money plunging. Meanwhile, back in America naked incidents are on the rise and, in Europe, suicide tourism rises four-fold. In the second half, Max continues his interview of bitcoin mogul, Trace Mayer, about bitcoin, central banking and geopolitics.

3 Important Gold Charts – Transparent Holdings Fall As Bullion Goes East To Russia and China / By Mark O’Byrne / 2 September 2014

3 Important Gold Charts – Transparent Holdings Fall As Bullion Goes East To Russia and China

goldcore_bloomberg_chart1_02-09-14.png (760×575)
Chart 1: Changes in Holdings (millions of oz) vs Gold Price

Nick Laird of has compiled some great new charts on the transparency of public gold holdings over time. The charts were emailed to us Monday night. is one of the internet’s most comprehensive sources for market related charts and is well worth the subscription. The charts are very illuminating and provide great insight into how gold has shifted between non public sources and public sources over the last 10-12 years. Below we reproduce some of Nick’s charts and some GoldCore commentary on the trends that we find most interesting.

In his charts, Nick has defined transparent gold holdings as “Total Published Repositories, Mutual Funds and ETFs”, and the gold holdings in millions of ounces are derived from these sources. The data therefore covers known private holdings of gold but excludes both the holdings of central banks, the official sector, and holdings in private ownership including for example GoldCore Secure Storage holdings.

The first chart shows a long term view of transparent gold holdings since 1970. As the gold bull market began in the late 1990s, the amount of gold held in transparent holdings rose sharply and displays a very high correlation with the rising gold price.


“One Of The Defining Investment Moments Of The Next Few Years” / by Tyler Durden / 09/02/2014 09:18 -0400

Some very spot on observations (which contain the amusing line: “inflation has been a modern day (last 100 years) phenomenon tied to the evolution of central banks (the Fed started in 1913) and the gradual demise of precious metal currency systems“) of what will be the biggest trouble with the credit bubble, from Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid:

 One of the more interesting stories of yesterday was a €1bn 50 year private placement bond issued by the Spanish Government with a 4% coupon. It’s a measure of how far things have come in a couple of years that such a deal could be launched. It was also a day when 2 year French yields traded below zero for the first time ever. We still live in remarkable financial times. Back to the Spanish deal, although current low levels of inflation make this deal look optically attractive on a real yield basis we thought we’d look at the rolling average 50 year level of inflation in Spain to highlight what real returns might potentially be over the lifetime of the bond. I hope I survive to see it mature but I hope I won’t be writing about it then. Anyway the average annual inflation over the last 50 years in Spain is 7.0% and as the graph in today’s pdf shows the last time the 50-year rolling average was below 4% was in 1956. Clearly prior to this the average rate of inflation was constantly below this level as inflation has been a modern day (last 100 years) phenomenon tied to the evolution of central banks (the Fed started in 1913) and the gradual demise of precious metal currency systems. So it’s a measure of how buoyant fixed income markets are that investors are prepared to ignore that last half century’s inflation record and the current fiat currency world when pricing long-term bonds. This is not a Spain-specific issue but on a slow news day the story stood out. The same would be true for most countries issuing similar long-dated debt today. Indeed yields elsewhere would likely be even lower.


Silver Market Update / Clive P. Maund / September 1st, 2014 

Bearing in mind what is written in the introductory paragraphs of the Gold Market update, which is equally applicable to silver, we will start by observing that silver appears to be on the point of turning up.

On its long-term 15-year chart we can see that silver is at an excellent point to begin a massive upleg, as it is currently in a zone of strong support after its 3-year long reaction and just above its major long-term uptrend line. If the next major upleg takes it to the top of the giant uptrend shown, we are looking at it rising to about $100 an ounce. Could it instead crash the support level and plunge? – anything is possible but as with gold this would only be expected to occur against the background of a dramatic easing of geopolitical tensions and a deflationary implosion, both of which look unlikely at this point.


Bloomberg Reports on Ruin in Hong Kong But Leaves Out the Larger Picture / By Staff News & Analysis / September 02, 2014

To Save the Rich, China Ruins Hong Kong … When they meet on Sunday, legislators from China’s rubber-stamp National People’s Congress are expected to disregard even the most moderate proposals to open up Hong Kong’s political system. In all likelihood the decision will provoke street protests, drive moderates into the more radical pro-democracy camp and call into question the former British colony’s standing as a global financial center and bastion of free enterprise. And for what? The good of Hong Kong, of course. – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: Capitalism creates prosperity, but the Chinese don’t understand.

Free-Market Analysis: What’s going on in China and Hong Kong is ironic because it seems to mimic much that has held the West back in modern times. In fact, much that China suffers from at its current level of development corresponds to a similar evolution in the West.

Bloomberg resolutely avoids making the comparison – though in our view, this article would have provided a perfect opportunity. Instead, Bloomberg tries to treat Chinese authoritarianism as an Asian problem.

Here’s more:

Wang Zhenmin, a Chinese law professor who sat on the committee overseeing Hong Kong’s constitution, laid out the case most blatantly on Thursday, when he told journalists that the interests of the city’s powerful tycoons had to be safeguarded from unchecked democracy.

“If we just ignore their interest, Hong Kong capitalism will stop,” he said. “Democracy is a political matter and it is also an economic matter.”


The Manufacturing World Suddenly Goes Into Reverse: Global August PMI Summary / by Tyler Durden / 09/02/2014 08:50 -0400

While yesterday everyone was focusing on the ongoing escalation in Ukraine, or BBQing, the real story was the sudden and quite dramatic collapse, or as we called it, “bloodbath” in global manufacturing as tracked by various PMI indices.

Here, via Bank of America, is the bottom line: as the below table shows, out of the 26 countries that have reported so far, 9 reported improvements in their manufacturing sectors in August, while 15 recorded a weakening, and 2 remained unchanged. A reading above 50 reflects expansion, while below 50 indicates contraction. In this regard, there were 5 countries in negative territory and 21 in positive. In particular, Brazil, Greece, Korea and Turkey moved from contraction to expansion, while Australia and Italy did the reverse. The biggest concern: virtually every core and pierphral Eurozone country of note (from France and Germany to Spain and Italy) saw substantial contraciton. Which, as is well-known in the New Normal, is the stuff new all time S&P500 highs are made of.


The Precious Metals Complex : Contradiction And Potential / Rambus / September 2, 2014

In this Weekend Report I’d like to look at some of the Precious metals stock indexes as there was a fairly strong reversal off of the previous lows made over the last two months. It was one of those inflection points where the PM  stock indexes could have gone either way. It just so happened that they all had a decent bounce off the lows with the last two days being up. We’ll examine some of the PM stock indexes in a minute but I would first like to show you the BPGDM as it’s still on a buy signal that was generated three weeks ago.

The reading of 46.67 is the highest point the BPGDM has reached in about year so there is some underlying strength. The BPGDM is above the 5 dma and the 5 dma is above the 8 dma so the buy signal is in place. Also the price action is still finding support at the neckline of the potential one plus year inverse H&S bottom.


Dollar Rides High / by Marc Chandler / September 2, 2014

The US dollar is broadly higher against the major and emerging market currencies.  The driving force continues to be the divergence between the US on one hand and the euro area and Japan on the other.  At the same time, the considerably stronger than expected UK construction PMI was overshadowed by the latest YouGov poll, which indicated that the Scottish referendum is tightening.
EONIA was fixed below zero for the first time last Thursday before popping up on Friday, reflecting month end pressures, before being fixed yesterday below zero.  The EONIA curve is consistent with a 10-15 bp rate cut on Thursday.   A little more than 20.5 bln euros were drained at today’s 7-day main repo operation.
The Germany and Dutch 2-year yields remain below zero as well.  France joined this exclusive club yesterday, but its 2-year yield is slightly positive today.  The market appears set to take out the $1.3100 area.  We look for a move toward $1.3020 before the ECB meeting.
After a soft manufacturing PMI yesterday, the UK reported a better than expected construction PMI today. The 64 reading is not only a six month high, but it is the second strongest in history after the 64.6 record high in January.  The consensus was for 61.4 after 62.4 in July.  However, the news failed to lift the sterling, where the short-term market is still net long, judging from the futures market, and the approaching Scottish referendum is making for some nervousness.
The YouGov poll found those preferring to remain within the UK still leading 53%-47%.  However, this six-point gap is less than half what was reported in mid-August.  Moreover, compared with other polls, the YouGov survey had generally shown a larger victory for the “No” camp.