“That Couldn’t Possibly Be True”: The Startling Truth About the US Dollar

For years I had heard people talking about “the fraud of the Federal Reserve.” But I was busy trying to survive and the dollars I was paid with bought food at the grocery store, so I didn’t give those reports a great deal of attention.

The more I began to study economics, however, the more I understood that this was an essential issue: that if I didn’t understand the foundation, I’d never really understand what was built upon it. So, little by little, I began to pay attention to the question, “Where do dollars come from?”

One of my first discoveries was that almost no one knew anything about this. Shocking though it may seem, they don’t teach this in general economics programs. I’ve had econ grads from well-respected programs come to me and say, “I’m kind of embarrassed to ask, but they never taught it to us in school: Where do dollars come from?”