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Suddenly, Wall Street Is Bailing On Housing / by Tyler Durden on 08/01/2014 21:35

Among this week’s most notable moves was the decompression of high-yield credit spreads to near 9 month wides (and continued outflows). What went notably-under-reported by the mainstream media, however, was an even bigger selloff in US mortgage bonds. While JPMorgan is unable to see [...]

Man Who Executed QE1 Exposes True Horror Of 2008 Collapse / August 1, 2014

Today the man the Fed called on to execute QE1 and who also set up the Fed’s massive trading room, former Fed member and former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Andrew Huszar, for the first time exposed the true horror and magnitude of the 2008/2009 collapse. What he had [...]

Don’t Buy This Dip: The Fed Is Not Your Friend / by David Stockman / August 1, 2014

During the last 64 months “buying the dips” has been a fabulously successful proposition. As shown in the sizzling graph of the NASDAQ 100 below, at it recent peak just under 4,000 this index of the high-growth, big cap non-financials stood at an [...]

Is the Wall Street Party Over? / By Staff Report / August 01, 2014

Yes, Stocks Could Drop 50% … After meandering higher for most of the year, the stock market is now sputtering. That’s triggering chatter about a minor “correction,” which many people believe is long overdue. And maybe that’s what we’re at the [...]

US Failure: Unintended Consequence / By Jim Willie CB, / July 31, 2014

The contributors are many as actors in the American Tragedy, to cause the systemic breakdown failed state. Faulty monetary policy, economic policy, and political policy have caused the resulting failure. The primary perpetrators are the central bankers, led by Greenspan and Bernanke. These two [...]

Income Inequality: The New York Times Throws a Temper Tantrum / By Staff Report / July 31, 2014

Why Voters Aren’t Angrier About Economic Inequality … Why don’t governments in democratic societies do more to combat income inequality? Scholars have grappled with this question for years. The median voter theory, a longstanding workhorse of political science, predicts that politicians [...]

Steady-As-She-Goes Yellen Intends to Continue the ‘Wall Street Party’ / By Staff Report / July 31, 2014

Federal Reserve stays on cruise control … The U.S. economy is strengthening but the Federal Reserve remains in cruise control. The Fed decided to once again reduce its monthly bond purchases by $10 billion, as expected. The central bank has been [...]

How Fracking Is Blowing Up Balance Sheets of Oil and Gas Companies / by Wolf Richter / July 30, 2014

Fracking has caused an uproar in local communities and split some in two. It has brought environmentalists to a boil. It allegedly caused tap water to go up in flames. A documentary was made in its honor. It caused earthquakes in Oklahoma and other [...]

Wall Street’s Regulators Sell Out on Illegal Wash Sales

Bart Chilton, Former CFTC Commissioner, Speaks Out on “Voluminous” Amount of Wash Sales, March 18, 2013 / By Pam Martens and Russ Martens / July 28, 2014

Wash sales – one of the most virulent forms of stock manipulation that bankrupted banks and corporate conglomerates in the Great Depression and [...]

Here’s What Wall Street Bulls Were Saying In December 2007: Read And Take Cover! / by David Stockman / July 28, 2014

The attached Barron’s article appeared in December 2007 as an outlook for the year ahead, and Wall Street strategists were waxing bullish. Notwithstanding the advanced state of disarray in the housing and mortgage markets, soaring global oil prices and a domestic economic expansion [...]

Gold And Silver Performance Leave All Else Dead In The Water Since 2001 / Vronsky / July 28, 2014

Wall Street incessantly bombards the media ad nauseam with their hoopla regarding stock investment returns. But let’s take a careful look at what several investment alternatives are available. We will discard out of hand a saving’s account in your local bank…as interest paid on deposits is [...]

Forget The Propaganda, This Is What’s Really Happening / July 27, 2014

With a non-stop flow of propaganda from Western mainstream media outlets, today Michael Pento sent King World News a fantastic piece which puts aside the propaganda and lays out what is really taking place. Pento also discusses what to expect in the future.

By [...]

The Keynesian Money Printers Repudiated Again: June New Home Sales Swoon / David Stockman / July 25, 2014

Silver back to $50? / Dave in Denver / July 25, 2014 at 11:50

With Wall Street and institutional investors continuing to place some big bets on precious metals, there are growing calls from some analysts that silver is significantly undervalued and is worth $50 an ounce. This may sound ludicrous to some investors — [...]

Existing Home Sales: The Headlines Have Hope But Actual Data Needs Help / David Kranzler / July 24, 2014

Note: New home sales for June were reported today. They essentially show a collapse, dropping 20% from May to June. I am working on the analysis now.

The amount and degree of propaganda spewing forth out of Wall Street and DC staggers the mind. Anyone who read [...]

C’mon Alan! Bubbles Are Caused By Central Bankers, Not “Human Nature” / by David Stockman / July 24, 2014

Alan Greenspan just cannot give up the ghost. During his baleful 18-year reign, the Fed was turned into a serial bubble machine—and thereby became a clear and present danger to honest free market capitalism and an enemy of the 99% who do not benefit [...]

Democrat Leaders Say Hillary Is in Wall Street’s Hip Picket. / Gary North / July 22, 2014

The Washington Post ran a story on a meeting of Leftist Democrats, some of whom are running for the Party’s nomination for President.

The main thread: Hillary is just too moderate. She is way too car to the Right.


This Time Is Not Different: Why The Market Is Heading For A Fall / by David Stockman / July 23, 2014

The 2008 Wall Street meltdown is long forgotten, having been washed away by a tsunami of central bank liquidity. Indeed, the S&P closed yesterday at 1,983—or up by nearly 200% from its March 2009 low. Yet four cardinal measures of Main Street economic [...]

The revolving door in U.S. government regulation has never spun faster / By Douwe Miedema and Michelle Price, Reuters / July 23, 2014

A member of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission will become the new head of a bank lobby group that is fighting the derivatives regulator in court over a crucial new rule curtailing Wall Street.

The International Swaps [...]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Capping The Recovery™ By Distributing Paper Wealth / July 22, 2014

“It would convert the Treasury of the United States into a manufactory of paper money. It makes the House of Representatives and the Senate, or the caucus of the party which happens to be in the majority, the absolute dictator of the financial and business affairs of this country. [...]

Upton Sinclair: The Moneychangers – An Historical Novel of the Financial Crisis of 1907 / July 22, 2014

“It had all worked out beautifully, according to the schedule. The stock market was falling to pieces—some of the leading stocks were falling several points between transactions, and Wyman and Hegan and the Oil and Steel people were hammering the market and getting ready for the killing. And at the [...]

Senate: Renaissance Hedge Fund Avoided $6 Billion in Taxes in Bogus Scheme With Banks

Senator Carl Levin, Chair of the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations / By Pam Martens / July 22, 2014

Only one word comes to mind to describe the testimony taking place before the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations this morning: Machiavellian.

The criminal minds on Wall Street [...]

Another Wall Street Inside Job?: Stock Buybacks Carried Out in Dark Pools / By Pam Martens / July 21, 2014

The U.S. stock market looks more and more like that box of pasta on the grocer’s shelf. There’s less of it but it costs more.

According to data from Birinyi Associates, for calendar years 2006 through 2013, corporations authorized $4.14 trillion in buybacks of their [...]

MH17: For Bankers, Every Crisis and Tragedy is an Opportunity to Manufacture Profits / July 21st, 2014

I recall watching a documentary years ago about the tragedy of 911 in which a Wall Street banker was interviewed about what he was thinking when he heard that two planes had crashed into World Trade Centers 1 and 2, and without hesitation, he said something to [...]

Obama Goes All-Out Nazi as He Races to His Presidency’s Finish-line / Eric Zuesse / July 21, 2014

A few Democratic Senators and House members have caught Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative in a big lie for international corporations, and are pleading with him to come clean but haven’t yet received an answer, regarding a question that’s central to global warming, international relations, global energy policy, [...]

The Fed’s Financial Repression At Work: How Big Blue Was Turned Into A Wall Street Slush Fund / by David Stockman / July 18, 2014

IBM is a poster child for the ill-effects of the Fed’s financial repression. In effect, the Fed’s zero interest rate policies are telling big companies to issue truckloads of debt and use the proceeds to buyback shares hand-over-fist. That way fast money speculators on Wall Street [...]

SPX Highs A Fed Illusion / By Adam Hamilton / July 18, 2014

The surreal US stock markets have continued melting up in recent months, spurred ever higher by the Federal Reserve’s money printing and jawboning. The resulting record highs in the headline indexes have been widely trumpeted by Wall Street as evidence of a strong secular [...]

Between Suspicious Deaths and Cy Vance Criminal Prosecutions, Technology Jobs On Wall Street Are Now Among the Most Dangerous in America /By Pam Martens / July 17, 2014

Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance

Wall Street On Parade has been reporting for the past six months on a series of tragic, sudden deaths of Information Technology workers at JPMorgan. Now coming to the fore are stories of relentless prosecutions of Wall Street’s IT [...]

Did the Other Shoe Just Drop? Big Banks Hit with Monster $250 Billion Lawsuit in Housing Crisis / by Ellen Brown / July 16, 2014

For years, homeowners have been battling Wall Street in an attempt to recover some portion of their massive losses from the housing Ponzi scheme. But progress has been slow, as they have been outgunned and out-spent by the banking titans.

In June, however, the banks may [...]

Wall Street “Throws In The Towel” On Q3/Q4 Revenue Growth Expectations / by Tyler Durden / 07/15/2014 12:14

Wall Street analysts are “already throwing in the towel” on 3Q, 4Q revenue growth with forecasts for the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Avg. companies of 2.5%, 1.6% versus predictions of 3% or more just 2 months ago. ConvergEx’s chief market strategist Nicholas Colas explains these lowered [...]