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Wall Street’s Regulators Sell Out on Illegal Wash Sales

Bart Chilton, Former CFTC Commissioner, Speaks Out on “Voluminous” Amount of Wash Sales, March 18, 2013 / By Pam Martens and Russ Martens / July 28, 2014

Wash sales – one of the most virulent forms of stock manipulation that bankrupted banks and corporate conglomerates in the Great Depression and [...]

Wikipedia – A Propaganda Tool? / By Martin Armstrong / July 26, 2014

Quite frankly, the problem with Wikipedia has been its very design. The idea of Wikipedia that its open forum promotes content assumes honesty and quite frankly such a forum dies not exist. Wikipedia should be closed to politics and living persons for therein lies turning [...]

Deutsche Bank, HSBC accused of silver fix manipulation / By Patricia Hurtado / 2014-07-26 13:25

By Patricia Hurtado Bloomberg News Saturday, July 26, 2014

NEW YORK — Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings, and Bank of Nova Scotia were accused in a lawsuit of rigging the price of billions of dollars in silver, an allegation similar to earlier suits involving [...]

The Great Manipulation of Financial Markets Seems to be Reaching its Limits / Philippe Herlin / July 25, 2014

The great manipulation of financial markets seems to be reaching its limits; bubbles are at their highest, and so are risks. The central banks’ money printing machines, along with interest rates kept on the floor, are working perfectly well: The yields on sovereign bonds are at historical [...]

CEO Of Russia’s 2nd Largest Gold Producer Is “Horrified” At Market Manipulation / by Tyler Durden on 07/24/2014 19:04

The ongoing transition of gold price manipulation from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact just escalated as Bloomberg reports, Peter Hambro, chairman of Russia’s 2nd largest gold producer Petropavlovsk Plc, said he was “horrified” by the manipulation of the London fix given its importance to the industry. One [...]

FX-Rigging Probe Settlement Accelerates With UK Regulator / by Tyler Durden / 07/23/2014 13:34

As the proof piles up, and retired/suspended traders increase, Bloomberg reports that talks to reach the first settlement in the FX-rigging probe are accelerating, with Britain’s markets regulator preparing to reach a deal with a group of banks this year, people with knowledge of the [...]

Miles Franklin Q & A: Interest Rates Affect Far More Than Just Derivatives / Miles Franklin, Ltd / July 23rd, 2014

With the obvious and continuous price manipulation in the paper gold and silver markets, why does anyone use those markets to base the physical price on any more?

Why doesn’t the physical market make a clean break from the fake paper [...]

Price Stabilization is a Manipulation; How High It Goes is Now Public Information / By argentus maximus / July 20, 2014 at 11:53 am

Let us look at the process of forecasting the future for a moment.

A train arrives at the destination station, after it leaves from the departure station, there is a gap of time allocated for the journey. [...]

Market Manipulation Probe Escalates; UK Opens Criminal Investigation Into FX Rigging / by Tyler Durden / 07/21/2014 10:42

Since we first exposed to the world that yet another market (foreign exchange) was manipulated by nefarious traders over a year ago, the grand total of prosecutions for market rigging is… zero. As Bloomberg notes, however, more than 25 FX traders have been fired, suspended, or put [...]

Popular Delusions And Madness Of The Crowd / by Jim Sinclair / July 14th, 2014 at 7:20 PM (CST)

My Dear Extended Family,

Manipulation such as the sale of $1.3 billion dollars worth of paper gold at an illiquid time period today is not to protect the dollar or bull the general equity market. It is to [...]

New Snowden Docs: British Spies Seed the Internet with False Information, Including the Ability to Manipulate the Results of Online Polls, Artificially Inflate Pageview Counts On Web Sites, “Amplif[y]” Sanctioned Messages On Youtube, and Censor Video Content Judged To Be “Extremist” / July 14, 2014

More Evidence of Web Manipulation

We’ve noted for years that the Pentagon and spy agencies manipulate the Internet – including social media – in order to promote false propaganda and to stifle dissenting information.

We’ve also discussed some of the methods used to game popularity on social media sites.


Investigators needn’t have left Washington to search for forex riggers / By Daniel Schafer and Caroline Binham / 2014-07-14 17:20

Junior Traders Offered Immunity in Forex Probe

By Daniel Schafer and Caroline Binham Financial Times, London Monday, July 14, 2014

U.S. prosecutors are offering immunity deals to junior traders in London as they try to gather evidence against [...]

Japan’s Extended Bump in the Road

10 year JGB (continuous contract) – ending last week at a new all time closing high / By Pater Tenebrarum / July 14, 2014

JGB Yields Nearing Record Lows

Not that anyone cares much in today’s QE infested world, but Japan’s economy continues to “temporarily” disappoint, in spite of his Arrowship’s [...]

The Silver Conspiracy / By Theodore Butler / July 14, 2014 – 9:15am

It’s now going on close to 30 years since I first discovered that silver was manipulated by excessive and concentrated short selling on the COMEX. I remember the exact moment like it occurred yesterday. It’s hard to believe I was in my 30’s when [...]

Blythe Masters’ Ex-Husband Launches Bitcoin Hedge Fund from the Island of Jersey / by Michael Krieger / July 11, 2014

Blythe Masters is perhaps the most maligned human being on earth by silver investors due to suspicions of JP Morgan’s manipulation in the silver market. Well she’s back in the news, but it has nothing to do with silver. Rather, the news relates to [...]

The Perfect Crime and the Plight of the Modern Silverite / Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Jul 10, 2014

Silver is not just any old commodity. It is old money. Despite massive efforts and price fixing, clipping and manipulation, it has remained central to monetary and political systems for centuries. Today it is small and relatively dark in the context of modern investing.


US Military Admits Spending Millions to Study Manipulation of Social Media / July 10, 2014

Part of a Long-Term Effort to Spread Propaganda Through the Internet

The Guardian reports:

The activities of users of Twitter and other social media services were recorded and analysed as part of a major project funded by the US military, in a program that covers ground similar to Facebook’s [...]

Pentagon Admits Spending Millions To Study Social Media Manipulation / by Tyler Durden on 07/09/2014 18:21

Just days after a report published by researchers at Facebook revealed that users of the social media site had been manipulated for science, The Guardian reports that DARPA – the Pentagon-run Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – has in one way or another funded several studies recently [...]

Mind Control Scientists Claim Ability To Turn Off Consciousness / By Nicholas west, Activist Post / July 4, 2014

A vast array of direct mind control techniques are being announced in the wake of investment from government via the U.S. BRAIN project and Europe’s counterpart the Human Brain Project – all told, billions of dollars are being spent to decode what makes us [...]

Friday Farce: Caught Rigging Gold And Dark Pools, Barclays Begs To At Least Keep FX Manipulation / by Tyler Durden on 07/03/2014 15:31

2014 has not been kind to Barclays: first, the UK bank proved countless goldbugs right when it was first caught rigging the gold market (the first documented case, not the last) and a few short weeks later, the New York Attorney General crucified the bank for misleading [...]

Q & A Day: Precious Metals Manipulation / Miles Franklin, Ltd / July 2nd, 2014

Q: My father purchased his first house in 1963. It cost him $25,000 dollars. It was a 3000 sq. ft. home, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms in a new suburb near a large city. Gold was $35/oz. in 1963, so this house cost [...]

Was the Department of Defense Behind Facebook’s Controversial Manipulation Study? /Michael Krieger / Jul 1, 2014

I’ve spent pretty much all day reading as much as possible about the extremely controversial Facebook “emotional contagion” study in which the company intentionally altered its news feed algorithm to see if it could manipulate its users’ emotions. In case you weren’t aware, Facebook is always altering your [...]

Risk eVIXeration Sends Stocks To New Record-er Highs / by Tyler Durden on 07/01/2014 16:04

The USD is unchanged; Commodities are unchanged; and Treasury yields are up only 2-3bps… but that didn;t stop July 1st from being a banner day for US equity markets (on the back of missed PMI and ISM data). The Dow, Russell 2000, and S&P closed at [...]

Gold market manipulation injected uncomfortably into BNN interview / By CHRIS POWELL / July 1, 2014

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

A market analyst for ScotiaMcLeod in Toronto, Jaime Carrasco, injected gold market manipulation into his interview on the “Market Call Tonight” program Friday on Business News Network in Canada.

“I think everybody now talks [...]

COMEX – Why it’s Corrupt / Theodore Butler / June 27, 2014 – 9:36am

It is one thing to label (libel?) the world’s most important precious metals exchange as the most corrupt; but perhaps quite another to prove it in terms beyond reasonable doubt. First, let me be clear in what I am asserting – the Commodities Exchange Inc. [...]

Beach Ball at Record Depths! / By Andrew Hoffman / June 26th, 2014

Throughout history, humanity has been plagued by the irresistible urge to accrue wealth at the expense of others. In financial markets, this cancer has been particularly malignant; but never like today, given the advanced “tool chest” of “new age” fraudsters. Throughout history, fiat money has [...]

Gold “Manipulation” / By California Lawyer / June 25, 2014 at 11:10 pm

Ahh, it is good to be back.

I had a nice relaxing, electronic device-free, vacation over the last two weeks. I used the time to unwind, reflect, and attempt to pull back from the day to day grind. I used some [...]

Barclays Crashes To 18-Month Lows / by Tyler Durden / 06/26/2014 11:48

First, it was gold manipulation and now alleged equity market rigging; it seems investors (and customers)have finally had enough. Barclays stock price is down over 8% today and trading back at 18 month lows. Of course, we will hear that this is the kitchen sink quarter [...]

Turkey’s “200 Tons Of Secret Gold” Trade With Iran: The Biggest, Most Bizarre Money Laundering Scheme Ever? / by Tyler Durden on 06/25/2014 22:18

The topic of Turkey’s Oil-for-Gold ‘deals’ has not been far from our thoughts over the last few years (here, here, and here) but as Bloomberg reports, after accessing a report leaked on March 14 of a network that spanned Turkey, China, Dubai and Iran, the plot reveals [...]

Decline of U.S. Shale Energy & The End Of Precious Metal Manipulation

The Bakken’s decline rate increased from a 63,000 bd in December, 2014 to an estimated 72,000 bd in July, 2014 / June 23, 2014

The U.S. Shale Energy Industry is heading for big trouble and very few Americans realize it. Not only will the peak and decline of U.S. shale [...]