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Conspiracy Fact Versus Conspiracy Theory / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Apr 17, 2014

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested from its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class.” -Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

The mainstream is on an academically-driven mission to politicize conspiracy theories [...]

US to Foreign Officials: Stop buying US Treasuries / By Marc Chandler / April 15, 2014

Cassandras warn that the foreign appetite for US debt is satiated and wonder who is going to buy US Treasuries when the Federal Reserve stops. Not only are US officials not concerned about this, but the Department of Treasury continues its campaign to discourage foreign central [...]

David Morgan Interview on Silver Market, Silver Price Manipulation and the Coming Global Monetary Reset / By Fabrice Drouin Ristori /April 15, 2014

Since there is a lot of talk about a potential gold re evaluation following an international monetary reset, I wanted to interview David Morgan, renowned silver market analyst, in order to have his views on a couple of topics, including silver evolution, silver manipulation, and the [...]

Understanding (And Ignoring) The Media Bandwagon Against Gold / By James West / April 14, 2014

For those of us who media often refers to as “gold bugs”, the fragility of popular sentiment toward not just gold and silver, but toward all investments generally, is the biggest barrier to a sane, free and fair market. The willingness of the majority to embrace [...]

Alarming Secrets US & Saudi Arabia Are Hiding From The World / April 13, 2014

On the heels of continued chaos and uncertainty around the globe, today a 40-year market veteran sent King World News an incredibly powerful piece about the alarming secrets the United States and Saudi Arabia are now hiding from the world. This is an extremely timely and fascinating piece from Robert [...]

Now That the U.S. and China Have Picked the Low-Hanging Fruit, Peak Everything Looms / April 10, 2014

With no plan to manage an economy in which expanding credit no longer generates growth, the two nations are rapidly reaching Peak Everything. Let’s call the strategy of picking all the low-hanging fruit in an economy Plan A: you know, expanding credit, lowering interest rates, building infrastructure, fueling speculative frenzies, [...]

Chinese Checkers with Gold Prices / By: John Browne / April 10, 2014

For decades many of us in the hard money world have speculated that cloak and dagger activity by large financial interests has played a large role in determining performance in the gold market. The focus of this alleged manipulation is believed to be in the London [...]

Battlefield $20 Silver / By Andrew Hoffman / April 10th, 2014

Today is one of those days where I intend to achieve my goal, as there are simply too many important topics to be broached. Frankly, it is awe-inspiring to watch the daily machinations of global money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda destroying the lives of countless [...]

Can The Deniers Deny This? / By Turd Ferguson / April 4, 2014 at 12:04 pm

With expectations having been raised so high for today’s BLSBS, it was no surprise that the number “disappointed”. Anticipating this, late yesterday we suggested one of two possible outcomes. Lo and behold, we got both!

Again, what continues to amaze me is the [...]

Precious Metals: 6 Degrees of Separation as HFT Goes Mainstream / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Apr 02, 2014

A recent 60 Minutes television show interview revealed the long established electronic trading mechanism used to front run and carry out price management and profit schemes across trading seconds. In the wake of the interview, one cannot help wonder how manydegrees of separation exist between [...]

Swing Trading Gold / By Adam Lemon / 2 April 2014

It is not necessary to delve into the realm of wild conspiracy theory to arrive at a belief that the price of gold is subject to some manipulation. Considering how central and controversial the respective roles of gold and the fiat USD are as major world [...]

Presenting The Next Market Rigged By High Frequency Trading / by Tyler Durden / 04/02/2014 12:11 -0400

Almost a month ago, we wrote “This Is The One Financial Product Now Targeted By The HFT Swarm“, in which after briefly perusing the Virtu S-1 filing, we concluded that “one product stood out. It is highlighted on the chart below: FX.”

We added:

Sadly, with [...]

Gold Contrary Indicators / By Gary Tanashian / 2 April 2014

The gold sector is peopled by a high concentration of contrary indicators because it is a relatively (to the vast world of equities and bonds) small market that offers refuge from some of the damaging aspects of the spectrum of investment products that are supported by [...]

New Silver Rigging Team “Operational” by Tuesday… and Jeffrey Christian Running Scared / By Bix Weir / March 28, 2014 Today at 11:31 AM

Many people have asked me if the approaching April 1st implementation of the Volcker Rule will end the manipulation of Silver Rigging by the major banks. My answer is a resounding YES! Um… But that does not mean the Bad Guys are [...]

Silver price-fixing conspiracy theorists lose battle but continue war / By Dorothy Kosich / 28 Mar 2014

Despite the legal arguments presented by dozens of appellants and their attorneys, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appealsruled that silver manipulation theorists had legally failed to show that JPMorgan had manipulated the silver market.

In a summation issued Thursday, Circuit Judges Robert A. Katsmann, [...]

Jim Rickards: Study Will Show That Gold Is Being Manipulated on the Comex (Again) / By Jesse / 28 MARCH 2014

“If I were running the manipulation I would be embarrassed at this point, it is so blatant…The regulators have been asleep at the switch.”

Jim Rickards

No one listens because the US regulators don’t want to see it, Wall Street traders make money off it, the mainstream [...]

Anatomy of a Bubble / Andrew Hoffman / March 27th, 2014

Today’s supposed “financial markets” will one day be viewed by historians with awe and wonderment. The bubbles created by money printing and market manipulation – not just in the U.S., but the entire world – have no precedent in centuries of economic experience, as never has currency [...]

Jim Rickards Is Wrong About The Market Regulators / March 28, 2014 / Dave Kranzler

If I were running the manipulation I would be embarrassed at this point, it is so blatant…The regulators have been asleep at the switch. – Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards did an interview with Sprott Money (interview link) that is definitely worth listening to, as it’s always good [...]

The Accidental End to Silver Price Manipulation / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Mar 27, 2014

It should be clear now to most precious metals observers that gold and silver price manipulation is just as common to the metals as it is to every other asset class. And equally evident should be the realization that resolution will not come from organized [...]

Gold market manipulation update, March 2014 / by Chris Powell / 2014-03-26 06:54

Remarks by Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. Mines and Money Hong Kong Conference Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For 15 years the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has been documenting and publicizing the largely surreptitious manipulation of the gold market [...]

Algo Activity (And Manipulation) Breaks Record On Friday’s Quad Witching Debacle / by Tyler Durden on 03/24/2014 16:31 -0400

Friday was an extremely volatile day with new record highs being achieved miraculously at the open only to be followed by free-fall in the market’s most-loved momentum names into the close. It seems that the quad-witching was of particular interest to the algos as Nanex [...]

Suing JPMorgan and the COMEX / By Theodore Butler / March 21, 2014 – 10:05am

I’ve had some recent conversations with attorneys who were considering class-action lawsuits regarding a gold price manipulation stemming from reports about theLondon Gold Fix. I told them that while there is no doubt that gold and, particularly, silver are manipulated in price, I didn’t [...]

Will we ever see a return to normal inventory in Southern California? Current February sales weakest since 2008 and the lack of baby boomers listing properties. / Dr. Housing Bubble / 18 Mar, 2014

The latest sales figures for Southern Californiashow a market with very little action contrary to all the positive news regarding real estate prices. The latest data for February sales shows the weakest February on record only second to February 2008 when the market was fully imploding. [...]

Fed Investigated FX Rigging Months Before Manipulation Was Exposed, Did Nothing / by Tyler Durden / 03/14/2014 09:33 -0400

With the Bank of England recently denying any collusion with dealers to manipulate FX rates and exclaiming “it was not our job to go hunting for the rigging of markets,” the WSJ reports that none other than that bastion of trust The Federal Reserve examined key [...]

Precious Metals, Blind Men and Golden Elephants / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Mar 13, 2014

“The first rule of mainstream financial journalism and, particularly, financial journalism about gold is never to put a specific critical question about the monetary metal to any of the primary participants in the gold market, central banks. That is, nearly all gold market reporting is, [...]

McEwen acknowledges central bank intervention against gold, cites GATA / By CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer / Thu, 2014-03-13 02:38

10:40p ET Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA got a compliment yesterday from Goldcorp founder Rob McEwen, now CEO of McEwen Mining –

– who seems to have become the first major mining executive to speak candidly about and [...]

Doctor Death / Andrew Hoffman / March 12th, 2014

Things are starting to get very interesting, as the inevitability of TPTB losing control – a la 2008, or worse – appears more imminent than ever. On a daily basis, there are simply too many fires burning – economic, political and social – in too many [...]

THE FORCES THAT WILL PUSH SILVER OVER $100 / By Steve St. Angelo / MARCH 11, 2014

*Editor note: With sentiment near all-time lows for the entire bull market, we thought it apropos to bring back SRSrocco’s viral, comprehensive FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS on the forces that will push silver over $100/oz. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMOTIONS AT THE DOOR AND REVIEW THE FUNDAMENTALS!


What Would It Really Mean? / By Bill Holter / March 10th, 2014

What would it really mean if gold and silver actually are and have been manipulated for years? More and more stories on this topic have been coming out and there are more “dots” to connect and prove manipulation than ever before. It seems as if there [...]

The Mainstream Grapples with the Last Manipulated Asset Class / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Mar 05, 2014

There is something rather absurd about the ever-so-slightly loosening death grip that the mainstream financial media has around the issue of precious metals price manipulation. The painfully reluctant (and largely incomplete) reports on the subject have fueled a series of seemingly derivative-like conspiracies.

It’s not [...]