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Vietnam to ban gold bullion at country’s borders / truthing / April 1, 2014 at 09:24

Local and foreign individuals will be prohibited from carrying gold bullion and gold material when they enter or leave Vietnam, except for immigration purposes, starting May 15, according to a new circular recently issued by the country’s central bank.

The tightened rule is applicable to [...]

Gold Daily And Silver Weekly Charts – Option Expiration / BY JESSE / 26 MARCH 2014

Yes Virginia, it was a precious metal options expiration on the Comex today.

Yesterday there was the usual inflows and some outflows in the Comex gold bullion warehouses as the bullion banks ready themselves for the April active delivery month.

I have placed the gold technical averages [...]

What The Spike In The Gold-To-Copper Ratio Tells Us / By Michael Lombardi, MBA, Profit Confidential / MARCH 26, 2014 AT 3:36PM

Copper is considered an industrial metal, used in industries across the board. When copper prices fall, it’s usually an indicator of a slowdown in the global economy. On the contrary, gold bullion isn’t much of an industrial metal; rather, it is [...]

Gold bullion the only global meltdown safeguard, says asset allocator / By Matthew Goodburn on 26 March 2014

The only way to hold gold in a portfolio is through physical gold kept close by rather than listed gold, according to Panthera Solutions’ Markus Schuller.

Schuller, a recent guest speaker at Citywire’s Zurich and Geneva fund selector events, said investors should also steer clear [...]

Why Two-Thousand-Dollar-Ounce Gold Becomes Plausible Scenario / Michael Lombardi / March 23, 2014

The rise in gold bullion prices since the beginning of the year has been very hard to digest for those who said the precious metal is useless. To me, this rise in gold bullion prices isn’t surprising at all.

And the small pullback in the price [...]

When should I buy gold? / by JAN SKOYLES / MAR 13 2014

When considering the gold price, we often discuss it in regard to times when it perhaps outperformed silver, the S&P 500, or even when it broke new highs.

Rarely do we look at gold’s monthly performances and assess what it says about the best time [...]

Tocqueville Bullion Reserve Launch / John Hathaway / February 14, 2014

In January 2014, TERA Asset Management, LLC, launched Tocqueville Bullion Reserve (TBR) with approximately $50 million in assets. TBR is a private partnership designed to help manage systemic risks revealed during the Global Financial Crisis and later through Refco, MF Global, and the Cyprus banking crisis. Despite [...]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Gold Runs Higher – Vichyssoise / BY JESSE / 11 FEBRUARY 2014

Janet Yellen’s testimony today was a bit painful at times, but perhaps it will improve as she becomes more familiar with dancing in the lions’ den. Her answer about raising the minimum wage shows her to be a tried and true economic General Pétain, [...]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Morgan Gold Warns of Possible Physical Gold Shortage / BY JESSE / 10 FEBRUARY 2014

All right I will confess up front, that during the day I have been watching recordings of the Winter Olympics curling matches which were held at Sochi earlier today. The women’s match between the US and the Swiss was of particular interest, especially the [...]

China Gold Buying Surges 41% To 1,176 Tonnes In 2013

Gold in U.S. Dollars, 1 Year – (Bloomberg) / By Mark O’Byrne / 10 February 2014

China’s gold buying lept 41% to 1,176.4 tonnes in 2013. Gold bullion demand surged 57% and gold jewellery demand surged 43% according to the China Gold Association.

The demand surge has helped China become the world’s [...]

61 Tonnes of Gold Bullion Flow Out of Western ETFs and Exchanges In January 2014 / BY JESSE / 05 FEBRUARY 2014

Here is the data for gold bullion outflows from ETFs and Exchanges in January of this year.

As you can see, it is a more general phenomenon than some have implied in their remarks about the Sprott redemptions and its discount to NAV the other day.


Another Ten Tonnes of Gold Bullion Came Out of Comex Eligible Inventory at JPM Yesterday / Jesse / 28 JANUARY 2014

“And we headed out of the hotel, went to the airport, got on the plane and, about halfway through the flight, I found myself alone in the President’s cabin with him. I said, ‘Mr. President, you don’t have a cold. There’s something else going on.’


The Ultimate Irony – Gold Bullion Is a Poor Investment According to “Too Big To Fail Banks” / January 23, 2014

Analysts at the “Too Big To Fail” banks are unanimously predicting lower gold prices and telling their clients to dump gold.

On January 12, 2013 Goldman Sachs predicted that gold could fall to as low as $1,000 this year due to a less expansive monetary policy by the Federal [...]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Like Gold Bullion, Gordon Brown, & A Growling Bundesbank / by Tyler Durden / 01/21/2014 23:10 -0500

2013 was an absolutely seismic year for gold, but, as Grant Williams details in his latest letter, the way in which the tectonic plates shifted has yet to be fully understood. Simply put, the gold in every central bank’s possession around the world [...]

NAV Premiums for Precious Metal Trusts and Funds – 83,890 Ounces Redeemed From Sprott Gold / BY JESSE / 10 JANUARY 2014

Since the last time I had checked earlier this month there was a redemption of 10,072,357 shares for 83,890 ounces of gold bullion from the Sprott Physical Gold Trust. That is about 210 London Good Delivery bars.

I have heard some rumours about who has been [...]

“Price Of Gold Crashes” – Diversify And Buy Gold For Long Term

Gold in U.S. Dollars, 5 Years – (Bloomberg) / By Mark O’Byrne / 10 January 2014

“Price Of Gold Crashes” – Diversify And Buy Gold For Long Term This negative sentiment towards gold has been seen in a large number of articles in recent days. Many have focused on [...]

YTD 856 Tonnes of Gold Bullion Leave the Comex and 10 Major Western ETFs and Funds / BY JESSE / 16 DECEMBER 2013

About 856 tonnes of gold bullion have left the Comex and the ten major western ETFs and funds that I have been tracking in calendar year 2013.

For comparison I include the same chart with the levels shown on 1 Novemember 2013.

I wonder [...]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Friday the 13th – JPM’s Comex Deliveries / BY JESSE / 12 DECEMBER 2013

“The Fed can expand its Balance Sheet to kingdom come, but they cannot produce a single ounce of actual gold bullion in the process.

And that is why gold is such an emotional topic, so feared and derided in turn by those whose power [...]

Avoid Regret: Accumulate Gold Bullion Now / By Sasha Cekerevac / Dec 3, 2013

There are many ways to try to get a handle on where the market is currently trading and what’s likely to come. For me, investor sentimentis extremely important, but not for the reasons many would think.

All markets have various factors pushing them. As a contrarian [...]

So why do the Chinese keep on buying gold when the price is still falling? / 03 December 2013

There has been no let up in the buying of gold by China despite the continuous price falls this year. Gold imports via Hong Kong in October hit 130 tonnes, that was the second highest monthly total in history and a massive jump on the same month last year.

China’s [...]

A Bullish Sign For Gold Prices / By Michael Lombardi / November 27, 2013

Given the recent further weakness in the price of gold bullion, should investors be running for the exit doors?

Some well-known “gold bugs” have recently turned bearish on the precious metal. But I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum; I [...]

Is This Digital “Gold Bullion” Investment Worth the Risk? / By Sasha Cekerevac / Nov 26, 2013

There has been a lot of coverage over the phenomenon that is Bitcoin.

I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves, is this online currency for real? What does it really say about our financial system?

But for those who are unaware, Bitcoin is essentially [...]

Gold Bullion ETF and Fund Drains From the Beginning of 2013 – Comex Registered at 69 to 1 / By JESSE / 25 NOVEMBER 2013

This chart shows the amount of gold that has been taken out of the vaults of various funds and ETFs since the beginning of this year.

The number in black is the total number of tonnes that have been removed from their vaults, presumably [...]

“Bad News Bias” Sees Gold Near 3-Year Low As Fed “Trapped by QE”, China Ends Dollar Hoarding / By Adrian Ash / November 21, 2013

London dealing in gold saw prices retreat towards last night’s new 4-month lows Thursday morning, failing to rally above $1250 per ounce as world stocks markets held flat – and major government bonds continued to slip – following publication of minutes from the US Federal Reserve’s [...]

2014: The Year for Gold Bullion Investors? / By Sasha Cekerevac / Nov 20, 2013

Last week’s testimony by Janet Yellen, President Obama’s choice for the next head of the Federal Reserve, was quite interesting. What I also found fascinating was the reaction in various markets.

Yellen was testifying in front of the Senate Banking Committee, and when asked about the [...]

UAE bank offers gold bullion coins as profitable and safe investment option for clients / By Staff / Monday, November 18, 2013

Noor Islamic Bank (Noor) has rolled out sales of the UAE gold bullion coins for retail buyers in denominations of one, half, quarter and one/tenth ounce in 99.99 per cent purity (24 karat).

The innovative product offering makes Noor the first Islamic bank in the [...]

Why the Sell-Off in Gold Bullion Is Based on Faulty Logic / By Sasha Cekerevac / Nov 15, 2013

Over the last few days, gold bullion in U.S. dollars has been under selling pressure yet again. With the price of gold bullion pulling back, one obvious question arises: what’s the appropriate investment strategy at this point?

Many are pointing to talk that the Federal Reserve [...]

India Paying an Equivalent $1,565 Per Ounce For Physical Gold Bullion / BY JESSE / 14 NOVEMBER 2013

“Let us not, in the pride of our superior knowledge, turn with contempt from the follies of our predecessors. The study of the errors into which great minds have fallen in the pursuit of truth can never be uninstructive…

Hitherto no difficulty had been [...]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Cap, Cap, Cap / By Jesse / 13 NOVEMBER 2013

There was no movement in or out of the Comex gold bullion warehouses.

There will be more economic news later this week. For now it is primarily earnings and the occasional speech by a central banker that are moving markets.

Intraday commentary here shows [...]

How to Invest Gold In Your Pension Plan – Part 2

Gold in British Pounds, 10 Year – (Bloomberg) / By Michael O’Brien / 12 November 2013

SIPPs or Self-Invested Personal Pensions were launched by the UK government in 2006 in order to enable UK citizens to gain more control over their pension investment portfolio. The UK government also launched the Small Self-Administered [...]