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Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at 13-Month Low, with Germany Worse than Expected, Italy and France in Contraction / by Michael Shedlock / September 01, 2014

The Markit Eurozone Manufacturing final data shows Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at 13-month low in August.

The rate of expansion in eurozone manufacturing production eased to its lowest during the current 14-month growth sequence in August, as companies faced slower increases in both total [...]

Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at 13-Month Low, with Germany Worse than Expected, Italy and France in Contraction / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / September 01, 2014 9:27 AM

The Markit Eurozone Manufacturing final data shows Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at 13-month low in August.

The rate of expansion in eurozone manufacturing production eased to its lowest during the current 14-month growth sequence in August, as companies faced slower increases [...]

France asks for more ECB action to weaken euro / By Mathieu Rosemain, Stefan Riecher, and Tony Czuczka / 2014-09-01 00:53

By Mathieu Rosemain, Stefan Riecher, and Tony Czuczka Bloomberg News Sunday, August 31, 2014…

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called for more action from the European Central Bank to lower the value of the euro, [...]

Largarde under Criminal Investigation for Corruption in France / Martin Armstrong / August 29, 2014

Christine Lagarde has long been suspected of corruption yet of course the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) board proclaimed they firmly stand behind her because she has raised the stature of the IMF to a world player once again thanks to Obama and their joint agenda to [...]

We Are Now Living In A World That Is Teetering On The Brink / August 28, 2014

Today one of the legends in the business warned King World News that we are living in a world that is teetering on the brink. Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries [...]

Legend Warns More Shocking Global Chaos On The Horizon / August 27, 2014

Today a legendary value investor warned King World News that more shocking global chaos is on the horizon. Below is what the legendary investor, Jean-Marie Eveillard, who oversees more than $85 billion, had to say about the tremendous danger the world faces in this fascinating interview.

Eveillard: “The French president, [...]

French New Government – Same Direction – Death of Europe? / Martin Armstrong / August 26, 2014

François Hollande’s new government only stifled voices of dissent from the left wing of his Socialist Party. These marginal changes simply mean that France is headed down the dark path to meet its destiny and as the second largest economy after Germany, France will take [...]

French Government Falls “Amid Turmoil” / By Pater Tenebrarum / August 26, 2014

Montebourg Gives a Speech – to Unexpected Effect

It all started harmless enough. The economically illiterate French “industrial renewal” minister Arnaud Mounteba…sorry, Montebourg, delivered one of his usual fiery addresses on the alleged evils of non-existent “austerity” imposed by the stingy and small-minded [...]

copens doors to QE as Germany and France stumble / By James Titcomb, The Telegraph, London / August 25, 2014

The eurozone has moved closer to adopting further radical measures to ward off a second recession and a spiral of deflation after its two biggest economies fell deeper into trouble yesterday.

The dual shock of a French government reshuffle and weaker-than-expected German figures [...]

French Government Dissolves in Dispute Between PM Valls and Economy Minister Montebourg / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / August 25, 2014

Economy minister Arnaud Montebourg stepped over the line last weekend criticizing the policies of president Francois Hollande. Some sources report that prime minister Manuel Valls gave Hollande a “him or me” ultimatum, but Valls disputes that claim.

Regardless, France Thrown Into Political Turmoil [...]

Are we Heading for Another French Revolution? / Martin Armstrong / August 25, 2014

The latest polls now show that more than 80 percent of French people do not believe that the government of President Hollande can advance the country’s economy. For the future, citizens expect high deficits, economic stagnation and record unemployment. The policies of Hollande and his [...]

The End of Money / Bill Bonner / August 18, 2014

The Big Freeze

Here in France, the weather has turned bad. It is rainy and cold, with the temperature below 60 degrees. Our thoughts turn gloomy… we give the cat some extra food.

“It seems to be happening all over the whole [...]

France Finance Minister “I Refuse to Raise Taxes to Close any Budget Gaps”; “Rethinking” the USA / by Michael Shedlock / August 15, 2014

Not only is support for sanctions in Europe crumbling, so is support for alleged austerity. I say alleged because there really hasn’t been any austerity.

France Rebels Against Austerity

Please consider France Rebels Against Austerity as Europe’s Recovery Collapses by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

Eurozone [...]

France’s Housing Construction “Recovery” From Hell / by Wolf Richter / August 15, 2014

A lot of things are doing just fine in France, but the economy isn’t one of them. It’s burdened by a public sector that never ceases to bloat. In 2013, government spending, despite any overt efforts to limit it, grew to 57.1% of GDP, a [...]

Is the Euro Zone Headed for a Recession? / Philippe Herlin / Aug 14, 2014

The United States has just announced a 4% (annualised) growth for the second quarter, following a disastrous first quarter showing (finally revised, for the third time, at -2.1% instead of -2.9%). Though this sounds like good news, we should wait for the official revision of this 4% [...]

Here Comes The European Triple-Dip: Negative German GDP Sends Bunds Under 1% For The First Time Ever / by Tyler Durden / 08/14/2014 07:11 -0400

The hammer finally hit for Europe when overnight both Germany and France reported Q2 GDP prints that missed expectations, the first actually contracting at a 0.2% rate with consensus looking for -0.1%, while France remained flat vs expectations for a tiny 0.1% rise. [...]

German Economy Contracts, France Stagnates, Italy in Recession; Time for a Rethink / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / Thursday, August 14, 2014 2:45 AM

The recovery in Europe, not that there was ever much of one, is now over. As expected in this corner, Germany Contracts and France Stagnates in Second Quarter.

The data from the currency bloc’s two largest economies came as [...]

The Next Big Bubble to Burst Is… / Bill Bonner / August 13, 2014

Fine Young Vampires

We spent the weekend here at our place in France painting old windows, while observing the customs and culture of young adults. Several of our children have come to visit, bringing friends with them. We ended up with a group of a [...]

France’s ‘Recovery’ In 1 Hard-To-Believe Chart / by Tyler Durden / 08/12/2014 11:27

With French government bonds trading at record low yields under 1.5%, it is hard to argue that the troubled socialist nation is ‘priced’ for either recovery or credit risk… but then again, thanks to Draghi’s promise and domestic banks’ largesse, none of that matters. [...]

Services PMIs in Focus / by Marc Chandler / August 5, 2014

The service PMIs have provided sufficient incentives to widen the currency ranges seen yesterday, though the net change is modest. It was the strong UK service PMI that spurred the euro’s losses more than that slight down tick in the euro area flash reading, as [...]

The Cleanest Dirty Shirt / Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Jul 30, 2014

All modern currencies are fiat. The numeraire of the moment floats in a cesspool of policy designed for management and intervention.

Money and value become hollowed out concepts.

The eventual return to a sound relationship between human productivity and the [...]

French Housing “In Total Meltdown”, “Current Figures Are Disastrous” / by Tyler Durden / 07/30/2014 13:20

If Venezuela is the case study of a country in the late stages of transition into a socialist utopia, then France is the clear runner up. The most recent case in point, aside from the already sliding French economy, whose recent contraction can be best seen be [...]

Investment Bank Discovers the “Redistributive Effects” of QE / by Wolf Richter / July 28, 2014

A new study found that the inflation-adjusted wealth of America’s median household – half of households are above and half are below – plunged 36% from 2003 to 2013. These years include the phenomenal stock and bond market rallies and price surges in other [...]

France Unemployment New High, Output Down 15th Month; Prices Drop 27th Month; Activity Up in Peripheral Europe; Outlook for Germany / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / July 25, 2014

The grim economic news from France keeps piling up. Today, Europe Online reports Number of Unemployed in France Hits New High.

The number of unemployed people in France has hit a new high as the country grapples with the fallout of the [...]

Number Of French Jobless Rises To New Record / by Tyler Durden / 07/25/2014 12:25

With “recoveries” like these who needs staged, false flag conflicts and wars covering over 10% of the globe? Well, socialist France for one which moments ago announced that total jobless rose from 3.389 million to 3.398 million, a new record high. Surprisingly, while the year-over-year unemployment change [...]

Is France’s Stock Market Cracking? / Pater Tenebrarum / July 9, 2014

Breaking From the Wedge

France is currently Europe’s “sick man”, not least due to the destructive economic policies pursued by its socialist government. Halfhearted attempts at reform have so far not achieved any notable change, precisely because they are going nowhere near far [...]

Paris to Tax Empty Offices at 20-40% of Rental Value; Price Crash On the Way / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / Wednesday, July 09, 2014 12:43 AM

The ideas from France get nuttier and nuttier as time goes by. Via translation from Les Echos, please consider Paris Will Tax Empty Offices.

The Paris City Council approved Tuesday a tax on commercial vacant properties. The main objective [...]

France, Germany Deliver Blows to U.S. Dominance / by Jerry Robinson / July 8, 2014

Global dollar dominance is on the brink of collapse, and on today’s podcast, Jerry Robinson breaks it all down for you. Jerry discusses:

Petrodollar Threat: Total’s CEO calls for a bigger euro role in oil trade France lashing out at global dollar dominance First time since [...]

France Calls for the END of U.S. Dollar Reserve Currency! / July 8, 2014

France hits out at dollar dominance in international transactions US authorities fined BNP Paribas $9bn for helping countries avoid sanctions. Michel Sapin, the French finance minister, called for a “rebalancing” of the currencies used for global payments, saying the BNP Paribas case should “make us realise the necessity of [...]

Premature Retail Spending Hope for France and Italy, Lofty Expectations for Germany / By Mike “Mish” Shedlock / July 6, 2014

Markit’s Eurozone Retail PMI shows Eurozone retail sales flat as declines falls in France and Italy offset German gains.

The Markit Eurozone Retail PMI which tracks month-on-month changes in like-for-like retail sales read 50.0 in June, little-changed from May’s 49.9 and indicative of a [...]