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Big Banks “Bought” Congress … So Credit Derivatives Are Bigger than Ever / August 21, 2014

The Causes of the 2008 Crisis Have Never Been Addressed

We’ve noted for years that Washington never reined in the risky derivatives which helped cause the 2008 crash … and so the big banks hold more derivatives than ever.

We’ve also noted that the financial services industry has bought and [...]

Vladimir Putin threatens to tip over the global house of cards / 06 August 2014

What if the crisis in Ukraine becomes a ‘humanitarian rescue’ by the Russian military and energy prices hit the roof?

Oil above $150-a-barrel would crash the teetering Chinese real estate bubble as it did in July 2008 for US subprime loans, and bring Wall [...]

If and When the Gates Close Forever / Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Aug 03, 2014

If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by [...]

Big Banks Shift to Lower Gear / JOHN MAULDIN / JULY 30, 2014

For today’s Outside the Box, good friend Gary Shilling has sent along a very interesting analysis of the big banks. Gary knows a lot about what went down with the big banks during and after the Great Recession, and he tells the story well.

Derivatives: Abuse, Props, Risks / Jim Willie / July 26, 2014

The topic of financial derivatives is a huge can of worms. The subject has arisen in the financial press much more in the last few years since the global financial crisis turned critical and became a clear case of grand struggle to prevent a veritable [...]

Chart Of The Day: For Caterpillar The “Great Recovery” Is Just As Bad As The Great Financial Crisis / by Tyler Durden on 07/23/2014 17:18

Earlier today, Caterpillar reported its monthly global OEM retail sales.

It didn’t got any press coverage for one simple reason: the bellwether industrial company which has managed to repurchase it way to all time highs in recent months hardly wants the investing public [...]

Upton Sinclair: The Moneychangers – An Historical Novel of the Financial Crisis of 1907 / July 22, 2014

“It had all worked out beautifully, according to the schedule. The stock market was falling to pieces—some of the leading stocks were falling several points between transactions, and Wyman and Hegan and the Oil and Steel people were hammering the market and getting ready for the killing. And at the [...]

UK’s Serious Fraud Office to launch criminal probe into forex rigging / By Harriet Dennys via The Telegraph, London / July 20, 2014…

The Serious Fraud Office is poised to launch the first criminal investigation into alleged rigging of the L3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange markets at leading City banks.

The financial watchdog is expected to announce the move [...]

Global Financial Crisis Magnified by MASSIVE Debt Bubble! / July 19th, 2014

DebtLaws/bailoutsMainstream mediaCountries hide their true debt off their balance sheet.Deficits are increasing every year putting further strain on the taxpayer.Trillions of dollars have been added to the debt of the U.S. in the last ten years under Bush and Obama.The amount of money in circulation has gone beyond exponential [...]

A Full-Blown Crisis Is Coming & There Will Be Hell To Pay / July 16, 2014

Today one of the wealthiest people in the financial world warned King World News that a full-blown crisis is coming and there will be hell to pay. Rick Rule, who is business partners with Eric Sprott, also discussed the trouble in the banking system in Europe and the German [...]

The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming / By Michael Snyder / July 13th, 2014

Most people have never heard of Jaime Caruana even though he is the head of an immensely powerful organization. He has been serving as the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements since 2009, and he will continue in that role until 2017. The [...]

A Reader Asks: How to Find Shelter from the Coming Storms? / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014

Some basic suggestions for those who are seeking shelter from the coming storms of global financial crisis and recession. Reader Andy recently wrote: “I look forward to your blog each day but am still waiting for your ideas for surviving the coming crisis.” Andy [...]

Barack Obama: “Don’t Get Cynical, Get Hopey” / by Tyler Durden on 07/10/2014 18:13

Today, Obama did more of what he has been born to do: preach from a teleprompter, this time at theParamount Theater in Austin. Here are the choice excerpts from the speech transcript. They hardly need commentary:

* * *

Sometimes people [...]

5 Things To Ponder: Under The Surface / Lance Roberts / 03 July 2014

Alas, all good things must come to an end. As the kids summer vacation trip comes sadly to an end, it is only fitting that the final edition of “Thoughts From The Beach (TFTB)” would be this weekend’s “5 Things To Ponder.”

This week was very [...]

Investors and Austrian Economics / by Robert Blumen / July 04, 2014

Robert Blumen, a software engineer with a background in financial applications, recently spoke with the Mises Institute about the Austrian School’s growing influence among investors.

Mises Institute: In recent years, we’ve seen more and more Austrian-tinged economic analysis coming from investors like [...]

Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America? / By Brandon Smith / 03 July 2014 05:09

In the mid-sixties at the height of the “social revolution” the line between democratic benevolence and outright communism became rather blurry. The Democratic Party, which controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, was used as the springboard by social engineers to introduce a [...]

Is gold going to be an effective hedge in the next global financial crisis? / 02 July 2014

With global stock markets marking fresh all-time highs yesterday it might be considered churlish to consider what will happen when they turn down. However, if past business cycles are any guide to reality this cannot be far off.

Indeed, some might argue that the recent [...]

Last Time Lenders Did This, They Triggered The Financial Crisis / Wolf Richter / JUNE 27, 2014 AT 1:25AM

During the first quarter, 3.7 million credit cards were issued to subprime borrowers, up a head-scratching 39% from a year earlier, and the most since 2008. A third of all cards issued were subprime, also the most since 2008, according to Equifax. [...]

When The Herd Turns / by Tyler Durden on 06/26/2014 21:47

“In economics, [the mainstream] rely on experts who don’t know what they are talking about,” explains Professor Steve Keen in this brief but compelling documentary discussing ‘when the herd turns’. “Herd behavior is a fundamental aspect of capitalism,” Keen chides, but it is left our of conventional [...]

The Precious Return of Investment / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / Jun 18, 2014

The financial powers, in the name of government treasuries (along with the IMF) have a keen eye trained on the lowest hanging fruits of monetary assets. What was once unthinkable is fast becoming a reality as bail-ins promise to morph into the [...]

Iraq Breaks Down, Oil Surges – The Context Underlying The Growing Crisis / by Chris Martenson / 06/16/2014 22:50 -0400

The situation in Iraq is serious, and is probably going to get worse before it gets better. The potential for this recent action to morph into a regional conflict is very high. That that means that oil could go a lot higher, and [...]

12 Numbers About The Global Financial Ponzi Scheme That Should Be Burned Into Your Brain / By Michael Snyder / June 11th, 2014

The numbers that you are about to see are likely to shock you. They prove that the global financial Ponzi scheme is far more extensive than most people would ever dare to imagine. As you will see below, the total amount of debt in the [...]

Fed’s Dollar Debasement Could Lead To “Economic Meltdown” – Steve Forbes / By Mark O’Byrne / 11 June 2014

Fed’s Dollar Debasement Could Lead To “Economic Meltdown” – Steve Forbes The chairman and founder of one of the world’s top financial magazines and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes’ has issued a warning that the Federal Reserve and other central banks ultra loose dollar policies could [...]

Rising markets eat into gold demand / Dave in Denver / June 11, 2014 at 07:40

Even though gold has gradually lost appeal among global investors since 2013 — amid a compounding consensus view that a decade-long bull run in the yellow metal may be over — a weaker rupee and restrictive import policies have ensured that, in [...]

Europe Stricken With Negative Deposit Rate / Keith Weiner / June 11, 2014

Europe Stricken With Negative Deposit Rate

On Thursday, the European Central bank announced cuts to three of its benchmark interest rates. This is nothing unusual since the global financial crisis began. We are now accustomed to desperate central bank responses. Interest rates have been falling [...]

Fireworks for Silver Price? Stage Set for Explosive Gains / truthing / June 6, 2014 at 09:19

Today we wanted to take a broader look at the backdrop that has worked against silver since the start of the financial crisis in 2007 and how silver could not only rebound but explode, taking out the 2011 market high of $48.70.

Photos From The Ukraine Civil War: Casualties Reported In City Of Lugansk After Fighter Jet Attack / by Tyler Durden / 06/02/2014 08:45 -0400

With Eric Holder suddenly playing hardball with the banks (most notably not US banks), it has not gone unnoticed among the largest European newspapers. The potential $10 billion penalty for BNP Paribas – France’s largest bank – for alleged dealings with a sanctioned [...]

Market Veteran Warns: “Massive Shocks in the World Financial System in Coming Years” / Mac Slavo / June 1st, 2014

There is a euphoria being enjoyed by many in the investment world and in economic circles centered around the notion that the world has recovered from the financial crisis of 2008. Stock markets in the United States have risen to all time highs. Mainstream financial [...]

Great Graphic: Retail Investors in Emerging Markets / by Marc Chandler / May 29, 2014

This Great Graphic was tweeted by Emerging Market Equity. The charts come from the Institute of International Finance and also draws on data from EPFR, which tracks investment flows. What we are looking at here is retail participation in emerging markets. The chart on the left [...]

This Ain’t Your Father’s Keynesian Jalopy: Household Formation Rate Plunges To 30-Year Low / by David Stockman / May 30, 2014

Cool-Aid drinkers like the Keynesian bozos at The Atlantic (The Most Overlooked Statistic in Economics Is Poised for an Epic Comeback: Household Formation) have been gumming ever since the 2009-2010 bottom that household formation will come springing back. Recall that during the decade before the financial [...]