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FutureMoneyTrendsPublished on Jan 16, 2017

To Ann – The Woman that Abused Me

Who is Becki Percy and why should you care?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past months, you’ve probably heard of Pizzagate and the related scandals regarding child sexual abuse and sex trafficking.  As we all know, where there is much smoke there is probably fire.  But even with the endless hours of research and tireless work of citizen investigators, no victims have come forward to give their testimonies.  

Becki comes to us from the UK and is seeking political asylum here in the United States due to the threats on her life from those she has exposed.  Becki’s story is one of horrific abuse involving pedophilia, child trafficking, and satanic ritual abuse.  She has risked her life by coming forward and sharing her testimony.  By doing this she hopes to encourage other victims to speak out and help end the horrible scourge of child sexual slavery in our countries.

As I’m sure you may be aware, most of the child protective services have been implicated in these scandals, as well as many powerful people including politicians, police, judges, and the those in the media.  Those of us in the alternative media have become a last refuge for many of these victims to be able to get their stories out.  We have covered Becki’s latest interviews on our blog and we are reaching out to you to do the same.   Any exposure you can provide including new interviews, coverage of her videos, and spreading them on social media could greatly assist Becki in getting her story out and possibly even save her life.  If you would like to contact Becki for an interview please message us using the contact form on the About page.

God bless you and thank you for your consideration,


Becki PercyPublished on Jan 12, 2017

For years, I have wanted to tell my biological mother the truth. But it has never been safe to do so… Until now. I talk directly to Ann, making her aware that I am no longer scared of her

For the record the U.K. Authorities were notified of the horrors Beck endured when she first disclosed at almost 14. To understand UK authorities response-Google Kinkora 1400, Holly Greig Justice, & UK child sex abuse Inquiry. It’s a pattern of U.K. Authorities to not investigate. Ann has been notified about Beck’s videos. She knows. So does Lee. To understand the depth & connections Ann & Lee have, a team of 5 from US went to U.K. To investigate them & ended up in jail. The FBI had to be notified. We don’t know anything beyond that. Because I know Ann & Lee both are watching, I would like to ask Ann a few questions. “What part of ‘missing your daughter’ do you miss? The money? The videos? Violent rapes? Or the occasional sex you got to have with those who abused Beck?” FYI it wasn’t you they wanted but underage children you provided. Beck is everything you are not but could have been had you made different choices. She’s brilliant, gorgeous & courageous. You could have been ‘that girl’ but chose not to be. It’s not too late. I know it would be dangerous for you but if you so choose, you will find a way. Just as Beck did. Also for the record, God brought Beck to a family full of law enforcement, we are far from unprotected & have taken extreme measures for her safety & ours. Your names along with Becks story have been given in Federal court and a string of other municipalities. She has no less than 3 attorneys working on her case-pro bono because they believe her. Just as countless others do. The clock is ticking. Your time has run out. Thank you ALL to those who are praying. Beck needs it as do I. The vids are hard for Beck to do but she does it to try to help others. To help us understand as a society & to help children who are still in danger. God bless in Jesus name-CG
YouTuber we don’t know anymore than I said. Honestly. I would think they’ve been released since FBI was called. The org who sent them will not tell us anything further.

This picture was actually taken the Christmas just gone. My first normal family Christmas. – Becki

I have developed the GoFund account because people have asked to be able to financially contribute towards the new life I have started in the United States

For those unaware, I fled England in April 2015 to escape sex trafficking. Upon arrival to the U.S. I was detained by ICE/Homeland Security and jailed for 14 months because of my request for asylum from America.
I was assessed a $40,000 bond which is an exorbitant amount considering bonds appointed to someone with criminal charges are considerably lower. I have zero criminal charges, ever, and entered this country with a Tourist Visa. My attorney has since informed me l, had I entered without the visa my detention would have been easier to navigate
My sponsors to America are a retired couple who left their home anticipating a 2 week absence. They relocated for over a year to be able to visit me in the jail I was detained at while still maintaining the home base
I am not asking people for money. I am however responding to the many requests I’ve had for people to have the opportunity to donate towards my new life and the continued fight to remain in the U.S.
Thank you is not expressive enough but ‘thank you’ and Lord bless you

If you feel led you can make a contribution to Becki on her GoFundMe Page

At Least 20 Killed (6 Children) After Turkish Airlines 747 Crashes Into Kyrgyzstan Residences / by Tyler Durden / Jan 15, 2017

Turkish Airlines Flight 6491, a cargo plane, has crashed into a residential area near the Kyrgyzstan capital of Bishkek, killing at least 20 people and injuring others, according to local authorities say.


The Boeing 747 was flying from Hong Kong to Manas International Airport, which is located just northwest of the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.


Can Trump Take Back The Presidency From The CIA? — Paul Craig Roberts / Paul Craig Roberts / January 15, 2017 

If Trump intends to survive, he must break the CIA into a thousand pieces as President John F. Kennedy intended before the CIA assassinated him. Trump must arrest for treason the neoconservatives and put them on trial. Trump must curtail NSA’s spying, which is in complete violation of the US Constitution, on all communications of all Americans. Trump’s oath of office is to the Constitution, not to war on the American public. Trump must ban all presstitute print and TV media from White House press conferences and only give credentials to the alternative Internet media. The print and TV media are operatives of the CIA and are totally devoid of integrity. Indeed, perhaps the presstitutes should be arrested for treason and put on trial along with the neoconservatives and the CIA.

If Trump fails to take these decisive actions, he is too weak to achieve any change.

The McClatchy news service is the only element in the mainstream media that sometimes reports honestly. Below is a McClatchy report that a Russian tech expert, whose name was used to give credibility to the notorious fake news dossier, says the dossier is a fake report.

“A Russian tech expert whose name and company are mentioned in the now-notorious document alleging connections between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian hackers says no intelligence officers have ever contacted him about the accusations, which he says are false.”


Gold and the Bull Trap / By Thomas Furman / Monday, 16 January 2017

In recent days I have seen an increase of gold-positive articles finding their way onto my computer screen.  Writers from Motley Fools to Bloomberg are all touting gold’s inevitable rise.  I have read these articles and noted all of the same, familiar tone…this time it’s different and gold will continue to rise from here so buy quickly or you will miss out…to the moon I suppose.  Yes, I believe gold will one day take out $2000.00 mark but not today, not tomorrow, and not this year.  Before the gold bugs start crying and demand an old fashion lynching please here me out.

A Dose of Skepticism

From the start of this current rally I’ve been a little skeptical.  Note the daily chart was forming a falling right triangle, a bearish formation, before moving higher.  This same formation occurred in October before moving higher and that ultimately reversed after the presidential election.  (By the way gold was going to sell off regardless who was elected.  The price action on November 9th clear demonstrates the huge selling/shorting was well planned.  If someone thinks it was a knee-jerk reactions to the election outcome they’re naive. No one sells short billions of dollars on a whim when gold was moving so violently higher in aftermarket trading.)  To believe the current price action is a meaningful move higher I would have preferred to see a longer consolidation in the $1120 – $1140 area.  Ideally, a move to the mid-$1170s, reversing, and retesting the lows around $1125 before moving higher would have been a much stronger signal the low was in.  At this point I’m convinced we will have a reversal but it’s more likely the Shorts will be done covering and proverbial rug will be pulled from underneath the few remaining gold bulls and price will fall through $1120.  A break of $1120 will signal the short-term support is broken and the Shorts will pile in and drive the price to the $1080 area before taking a break and consolidating.


US Military Deploys Nuke-Spotting Radar To Monitor North Korea / by Tyler Durden / Jan 15, 2017

The Sea-based X-Band Radar has deployed out of Pearl Harbor after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un recently said his country was in the “final stages” of test-launching an intercontinental ballistic missile. Media sources reported that the SBX was being sent about 2,000 miles northwest of Hawaii to watch for a possible North Korean launch in coming months. The Pentagon downplayed the floating radar’s Monday departure.


As The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports, dispatching the “SBX” out to sea sends “a very clear strategic message of deterrence to the ICBM threat of the North Korean leader that has intensified since first announced on Jan. 1,” said Riki Ellison, chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, a Virginia-based nonprofit that advocates a strong U.S. missile defense.

Media sources reported that the SBX was being sent about 2,000 miles northwest of Hawaii to watch for a possible North Korean launch in coming months. The Pentagon downplayed the floating radar’s Monday departure.

“The SBX’s current deployment is not based on any credible threat; however, we cannot discuss specifics for this particular mission while it is underway,” Navy Cmdr. Gary Ross, a Defense Department spokesman, said in an email.


Are Trump Protesters Just Completely Brainwashed Idiots? / by Martin Armstrong / Jan 16, 2017

Al Sharpton seems to be doing whatever he can to mislead minorities in a very dangerous way. He has been organizing civil rights activists vowing to defend what they say are hard-fought gains in voting rights and criminal justice prior to the presidency of Donald Trump. Sharpton is not stupid. He knows what he is doing. Why did he not do this against Obama who kept defending police? Why now?


It was the Clintons who signed in the Mandatory Miniumum sentences. Since the Clintons signed that act, the prison population has more than doubled. It use to be a prosecutor did not care if you went to prison as long as he won the conviction. Then it all changed. Prosecutors get no credit for their career UNLESS someone goes to prison.


Hard Exit Talk Sent Sterling Below $1.20 / by Marc Chandler / January 16, 2017

The UK government strategy for Brexit is becoming clear.  Even though roughly half of UK immigrants come from non-EU countries, in orders to control the other half, the UK will leave the single market.   It will also not be subject to the European Court of Justice.  A week ago Prime Minister May suggested this and sterling fell below $1.22 for the first time since last October.  The general thrust of the comments was echoed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond over the weekend, with an added seemingly implicit threat to compete through lower corporate taxes if the EU negotiations force the UK to seek other comparative advantages.
Sterling gapped lower and proceeded to fall to almost $1.1985 before recovering a bit.  It has entered the gap, which extends to last Friday’s low a little above $1.2120.  The thin conditions in early Asia may have exacerbated the move, but the direction was clear.  It risks oversimplification, but a hard exit, which is understood to be the loss of access to the single market, is understood as negative for sterling, while developments that slow the process (like the Supreme Court decision expected next week) or cushion it (like a fast trade agreement with the US, that President-elect Trump indicated over the weekend) are seen as supportive for sterling.


Trump Responds To CIA Chief Brennan, Asks “Was He The Leaker Of Fake News?” / by Tyler Durden / Jan 15, 2017 8:26 PM

Just hours after John Brennan lashed out at the president-elect in an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump has responded by suggesting that the outgoing CIA Director may have been behind the publication last week of unverified and salacious intelligence connecting the president-elect to Russia….


DC National Guard C.O. Fired… Inauguration Security Called Into Question

The Daily Sheeple, Published on Jan 15, 2017

On this edition of The Daily Sheeple’s “Daily News Brief”, Joe Joseph discusses the last minute firing of the Commanding Officer of the Washington D.C. National Guard (who’s supposed to be in charge of Inauguration Day security). Very unusual timing, considering the animosity and rhetoric that’s being spewed at Trump when all of it should be directed at the DNC for derailing the Sanders campaign. Just another day in AMURIKA! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a true hero who selflessly fought for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t fight for themselves!

Mauled by Peso Crash & Inflation, Mexico to Cut its Dependence on US Food Producers / By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico / 

It’s not all NAFTA’s fault, however.

The price of tortilla, a staple in Mexico that is consumed in myriad forms, flavors and colors, is on the rise. The country’s federal consumer association Profeco has already warned of price rises across the country, with the most pronounced increases in the states of Baja California, Colima, Quintana Roo, Guerrero, Yucatán, Nayarit, Ciudad de México, Tabasco and Oaxaca.

It’s the latest spike in an ongoing trend. In the last 10 years, average tortilla prices have soared by over 90%. Early last year prices reached as high as 16 pesos per kilo in some regions. Since then the Mexican peso has accentuated its slide against the U.S, dollar, slumping 17% in 2016 and close to 5% in the first two weeks of this year.

It was only a matter of time before the traditional bugbear of inflation began to rear its ugly head. Even before the government ushered in the new year with a brutal 20% hike in fuel prices, inflation had already accelerated from historic lows to a two-year high. In January it’s expected to surpass 1% on a monthly basis, its fasted increase since 2000. And there are already rumors of further gas price spikes in February.

As the FT warns, if the cost of mainstays of the Mexican diet such as tortillas, eggs, milk and chicken start to soar, an already unpopular government can expect snowballing protests in a country where nearly half the population lives in absolute poverty.


Howard Marks: “So Much For The Experts” / by Oaktree Capital’s Howard Marks / Jan 15, 2017 7:15 PM

In August, I mentioned that I had chosen the title “Political Reality” for my memo in part because of my liking for oxymorons.  I classed that title with other internally contradictory statements, such as “jumbo shrimp” and “common sense.”  Now I’m going to discuss one more: “expert opinion.”

This memo was inspired by a thought that popped into my head when the outcome of the election settled in.  You may point out that at the end of my November 14 memo “Go Figure!,” I said I wouldn’t write any more about politics.  True, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t think about politics.  Anyway, this memo isn’t about politics, it’s about opinions.

Last spring I attended a dinner where one of Hillary Clinton’s senior advisers was soliciting input, as she and her campaign were struggling to come up with an effective counter to Bernie Sanders’s populist message.  Most of those present expressed frustration on the subject, until an experienced, connected Democrat assured everyone, “Don’t worry.  She’ll win.  The math is irresistible.”  The Hillary supporters were relieved, and he turned out to be right: she won the nomination going away.

In late October, with the issue of Clinton’s private email server and the FBI’s new investigation further dogging her, that same seasoned Democrat was asked whether the election was in jeopardy.  “Don’t worry,” he said.  “She’ll win.  The math is irresistible.”  We all know the result.

The opinions of experts concerning the future are accorded great weight . . . but they’re still just opinions.  Experts may be right more often than the rest of us, but they’re unlikely to be right all the time, or anything close to it.  This year’s election season gave us plenty of opportunities to see expert opinion in action.  I’ll start this memo by reflecting on them.


Nomi Prins: Big Banks Already Failing Stress Tests / by Craig Wilson via The Daily Reckoning / 

Nomi Prins joined Jason Burack on the Wall Street For Main Street Podcast to discuss the impact of a strong US Dollar on the global economy and what kind of damage it could cause big banks that are already failing stress tests.  Wall Street For Main Street takes on themes of finance, investing and the economy and offer a natural setting for important, independent discussions from economic insiders offered from Nomi Prins and others.  The conversation delves into what to expect in the political and economic year ahead for 2017.

When asked what type of damage could a strong U.S dollar do to the global economy she noted, “First, the fact that the U.S dollar is as strong given how long the Federal Reserve has completed quantitative easing (QE) policies and bought securities is very troubling in general because it indicates that the rest of the world is far weaker on a relative basis.”

“It also indicates that is it not necessarily a policy that drives dollars stronger. What’s occurring is, outside of the U.S for example, in emerging market countries, they have had funding that has been denominated in dollars over the years.”


Millennials are worse off than their parents: Millennials earn 20% less than baby boomers at same stage in life. / Jan 15, 2017

It is now official that Millennials are worse off than their parents.  The Federal Reserve released a study showing that Millennials are as broke as we suspected.  According to the figures released Millennials earn 20% less than baby boomers did at the same stage in life.  This is a major reason why so many Millennials are living at home but are also unable to save for retirement.  What compounds this issue even more is that the Millennial generation is the most educated ever in the United States.  What we also know is that Millennials carry the vast majority of the $1.4 trillion in student debt outstanding.  This information puts our society at a fundamental crossroads in addressing the challenges faced by the young.  Do we care if the next generation is worse off than the previous one?

Millennials not doing as financially well as parents

Being young and broke seems to be a common stage in life.  The only difference is that Millennials are now getting into older adulthood and many are still struggling.

“(USA Today) Baby Boomers: your millennial children are worse off than you.

With a median household income of $40,581, millennials earn 20 percent less than boomers did at the same stage of life, despite being better educated, according to a new analysis of Federal Reserve data by the advocacy group Young Invincibles.


PM May Calls For Clean Break From EU… Market Turmoil Possible!

The Daily Sheeple, Published on Jan 15, 2017

CDC “Spider” Scientists attack the CDC, blow the lid off / by Jon Rappoport / January 15, 2017

They write a letter to the CDC chief of staff

And I write a letter to them

There is a group of anonymous scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control—they call themselves the Spider Group—Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research. They have penned a letter to the CDC’s chief of staff, Carmen S. Villar:

Here is the explosive accusation they make:

“We are a group of scientists at CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at our agency. It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests. It seems that our mission and Congressional intent for our agency is being circumvented by some of our leaders. What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception.”

“Some senior management officials at CDC are clearly aware and even condone these behaviors. Others see it and turn the other way. Some staff are intimidated and pressed to do things they know are not right.”

“We have representatives from across the agency that witness this unacceptable behavior. It occurs at all levels and in all of our respective units. These questionable and unethical practices threaten to undermine our credibility and reputation as a trusted leader in public health.”

I have written at length about another whistleblower at the CDC, William Thompson, a long-time researcher who, in August of 2014, confessed in writing to massive fraud (archive here). He admitted that, in a study on the safety of the MMR vaccine, he and his colleagues literally threw vital sheets of data into a garbage can. The study then gave a free pass to the vaccine, claiming it had no connection to autism—when in fact it did. Thompson is the subject of the film, Vaxxed (trailer).


Will Our Grandchildren Wonder Why We Didn’t Build a Renewable Power Grid When It Was Still Affordable? / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / JANUARY 15, 2017

In the logic of the market, it makes no sense to sacrifice trillions of dollars in current energy and income to build something we don’t yet need.

Anyone seeking clarity on the energy picture a decade or two out is to be forgiven for finding a thoroughly confusing divide. On the one hand, we have reassuring projections from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) that assume current production of fossil fuels will remain steady for decades to come. Coal will continue to decline as a share of total energy consumption, and renewables will rise modestly. In other words, everything’s hunky-dory, there’s nothing to worry about.

The EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2017 (64-page PDF) lays out the all-is-well, no-worries projections.

If you want to really dig deep into energy consumption, then the EIA has a treat for you: a detailed 390-page PDF report: Energy Perspectives 1949–2011 (link to 390-page PDF).

But just when you conclude fossile fuels will remain cheap and abundant until 2040 and beyond, you read this: Civilization goes over the net energy cliff in 2022, which references a 65-page PDF report that details a much different view of energy that will actually be available to us, as opposed to estimates of reserves awaiting extraction: Depletion: A determination for the world’s petroleum reserve (65-page PDF)

Here’s an excerpt:

Determining the depletion state of a resource is, however, not merely a matter of determining how much of the resource remains in the ground. A resource’s depletion state has as much to do with the efficiency with which it can be extracted and used as it has to do with the quantity of resource remaining in the ground. To define oil’s depletion state it is necessary to look at the efficiency with which crude oil can be extracted, processed, and used. Therefore it is necessary to understand why petroleum is produced, and then be able to analysis the entire production process; not just the extraction portion. The Quality Control Engineer defines this as determining “fitness for use”. To define crude oil’s depletion state we must first determine the quantity of it that is “fit for use”.


Is The Biggest Treasury Drawdown In History Imminent? The “Bond Shock” Story Refuses To Go Away / by Tyler Durden / Jan 15, 2017 6:13 PM

While currency and fixed-income traders are having second thoughts about the extent of the Trump reflation trade just days before the inauguration of the 45th U.S. president as Bloomberg’s Vincent Cignarella writes, most readily observed in the recent 50% drop in 10Y real yields, which have slid from 0.74% in mid-December to just 0.38% in the past month, it is still far too early to call the time of death on the Trump rally.

Which brings us to the Icarus trade, laid out by Bank of America, which we pointed out last week. As a reminder, BofA’s tactical view is that after a Jan/Feb wobble, stocks & commodities will have one last 10% melt-up in H1. Call it the “Icarus trade”. The current melt up, which started back in Feb 2016, will be followed by a meltdown later in ’17 BofA’s Michael Harnett predicts.

This is how it will play out according to the BofA strategist. The current rally started in Feb 2016 with…

  • bearish Positioning (BofAML Bull & Bear indicator = 0, cash = 5.6%, big >2SD underweights in Emerging Markets & energy)
  • excessively bearish Profits (credit spread blowout, PMI’s crashing toward 45, global EPS negative)
  • and Policy impotence (“Quantitative Failure”).

Thus the rally is likely to end with…


Episode #169 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Going Rogue’ with guest William Blum, Vanessa Beeley, Basil Valentine /  BY 21WIRE / JANUARY 15, 2017

Episode #169 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes this January 15, 2017 as host Patrick Henningsen brings you this week’s 3.5 HOUR special LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network



5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US)

This week’s edition of THE SUNDAY WIRE is a very special LIVE broadcasting connecting North America and Europe this week, as host Patrick Henningsen covers the top stories in the US and internationally. In the first hour, we’ll look at the recent US Senate Confirmation Hearings for Trump’s Cabinet, and the latest debacle courtesy of the great US intelligence community and the mainstream gutter press who circulated a fake tabloid “intelligence” report on Russian blackmail material on Trump. We also welcome our first guest, William Blum, author of a number of best-selling books including Rogue State, to discuss his work and its relevance today as well as how it relates to the current climate of Anti-Russian and Anti-Trump hysteria in the US. In the second hour we’re joined by 21WIRE Associate Editor Vanessa Beeley to discuss key updates on Syria, Facebook’s recent censorship of her Syria videos and being trolled by the BBC, and a seemingly fake news report about a Russian Ambassador being assassinated in Yemen. In the final segment of overdrive, we’ll try and connect with SUNDAY WIRE bookmaker, Basil Valentine, to get some unusual odds on next week’s Trump inauguration. 



Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…



Trump Slams NATO, Blasts EU as “Vehicle for Germany”, Seeks Deal With Russia, Threatens BMW / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / January 15, 2017

In an amazing set of interviews that proves Obama to be the lamest of lame duck presidents, Trump Slams NATO, Slams Germany, and Floats Russia Nuke Deal.

Donald Trump called NATO obsolete, predicted that other European Union members would follow the U.K. in leaving the bloc, and threatened BMW with import duties over a planned plant in Mexico, according to two European newspapers which conducted a joint interview with the president-elect.

Trump, in an hourlong discussion with Germany’s Bild and the Times of London published on Sunday, signaled a major shift in trans-Atlantic relations, including an interest in lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia as part of a nuclear weapons reduction deal.

Quoted in German by Bild from a conversation held in English, Trump predicted that Britain’s exit from the EU will be a success and portrayed the EU as an instrument of German domination designed with the purpose of beating the U.S. in international trade. For that reason, Trump said, he’s fairly indifferent to whether the EU stays together, according to Bild.

The Times quoted Trump as saying he was interested in making “good deals with Russia,” floating the idea of lifting sanctions that were imposed as the U.S. has sought to punish the Kremlin for its annexation of Crimea in 2014 and military support of the Syrian government.


Matt Taibbi: “Insane Clown President Trump Was Right About The Media” / by Tyler Durden / Jan 15, 2017 5:45 PM

While U.S. political journalist Matt Taibbi has made no bones about his dislike of Donald Trump… (via Rolling Stone a day after the election)

Most of us smarty-pants analysts never thought Trump could win because we saw his run as a half-baked white-supremacist movement fueled by last-gasp, racist frustrations of America’s shrinking silent majority. Sure, Trump had enough jackbooted nut jobs and conspiracist stragglers under his wing to ruin the Republican Party. But surely there was no way he could topple America’s reigning multicultural consensus. How could he? After all, the country had already twice voted in an African-American Democrat to the White House.

Yes, Trump’s win was a triumph of the hideous racism, sexism and xenophobia that has always run through American society. But his coalition also took aim at the neoliberal gentry’s pathetic reliance on proxies to communicate with flyover America. They fed on the widespread visceral disdain red-staters felt toward the very people Hillary Clinton’s campaign enlisted all year to speak on its behalf: Hollywood actors, big-ticket musicians, Beltway activists, academics, and especially media figures.

Trump’s rebellion was born at the intersection of two toxic American myths, the post-racial society and the classless society.


The Last American Garage Sale Before They Kill Us / By Dave Hodges January 15th, 2017

The globalists are carving us up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Every way we turned we are being ripped off by their banks and their corporations. Americans are the most ripped off people on the earth and it is not even close. Listen to the examples of what they are doing to us, before the pull the plug and depopulate us.


Nuclear Energy Sector Turns in Taxpayer-Sinkhole / By Leonard Hyman and Bill Tilles via / 

Given the difficulty of accurately gauging nuclear capital expense, how can we infer if these enterprises can ever be profitable?

When a utility stock pays a dividend that yields 11 percent it is either an overlooked steal or the equity of a company with big problems–and a dividend that’s soon to be either eliminated or reduced. EDF, France’s state controlled nuclear energy giant, looks more the latter than the former. But never underestimate the determination of French politicians–right, left and center to protect and subsidize their civilian nuclear power establishment.

To understand this byzantine story of French public and private partnerships, let’s start with EDF’s current stock price. It’s priced in Paris this morning at about €9.60, slightly above the 52 week low. And down from a high of €28.78 more than two years ago.

To compound its woes, EDF’s stock sells at about 63 percent of its book value. This typically indicates the market’s view that either current earnings provide a below-cost-of-capital return or that investors don’t believe the assets are worth the value carried on EDF’s books. By way of contrast, a financially sound electric utility in the U.S. sells at about 1.5 times its book value and its shares offer investors a yield of less than 4 percent. In February, shareholders of EDF and Areva, the state controlled nuclear engineering and mining company will vote on a monumental reorganization. The reported terms would raise serious questions in Wall Street’s finest minds.


Goldman Is Concerned: “The S&P Has Surged 6% Since The Election But 2017 EPS Forecasts Haven’t Budged” / by Tyler Durden / Jan 15, 2017 5:21 PM

Goldman is starting to get concerned.

As chief strategist David Kostin writes in his latest weekly kickstart, while stocks have surged by 6% since the election on the prospect of higher earnings under potential Trump policies, consensus bottom-up 2017 EPS forecasts for S&P 500 have been unchanged. While Goldman explains that “the surge in equity prices to investor optimism about potential policy changes under President-elect Trump; the hope is that new business-friendly legislation will increase EPS and drive shares higher” it then admits that “if new policies eventually lead to upward EPS revisions, it would be a rare occurrence. Since 1984, there have been just six years with materially positive EPS revisions: 1988, 1995, 2004-06, and 2011.

Not to make a too fine point of it, Goldman also notes that as of this moment, the S&P trades at 20.3x times its 2017 operating EPS forecast, and a vertigo-incuding 18.6x 2018 operating earnings.

Ok, but somehow the delta has to be bridged – how to make up the difference? How about lots of adjustments and addbacks, and hope that Trumpforia will lead to results. In fact, when factoring those two components alone, 2017 EPS surges from 116 to a whopping $130.


Merkel’s Human Rights Speaker Resigns Over Refugee Policy / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / January 15, 2017

Merkel’s human rights speaker, Erika Steinbach, resigned over the chancellor’s immigration policy. She also left the CDU party.

Erika Steinbach, who’s been with Chancellor Merkel’s CDU for 43 years, has strongly criticized the leader’s handling of the migrant crisis. She claims conservatives have been sidelined in Germany’s main ruling party.

“Would I vote CDU at the moment? No. Would I join the CDU today? No. I can only draw the honest conclusion of leaving the CDU,” she told “Welt Am Sonntag” (WaS) newspaper.


Is the Bond Rout Over? / by Lance Gaitan via Economy and Markets / 

While the Trump-fueled rally continues, the Fed’s been keeping a relatively low profile lately.

Maybe it’s the New Year or maybe it’s just analyzing the incoming data to determine whether last meeting’s hike did the trick. Or maybe it just doesn’t want to rock the boat ahead of the president-elect’s inauguration since the Fed’s not all that popular with him. In any case, since its last meeting and rate hike in December, the Fed and Janet Yellen have been pretty quiet.

Don’t get me wrong, Fed officials are still making scheduled speeches. In fact, just this past week, there were nine of them! It’s just that they seem to be extra guarded.

Perhaps Yellen and her colleagues know they’re mostly powerless when it comes to regime change at the Fed. Waiting is their only play for the time being. Whether they sit on their hands or not, there are movements to keep track of, because those fluctuations can mean big profits.

Not only did the president-elect launch attacks on the Fed and Janet Yellen specifically during his campaign, but earlier this month, Senator Rand Paul (along with eight co-sponsors) reintroduced his Federal Reserve Transparency Act. The legislation is widely known as the “Audit the Fed” bill aimed at preventing the Fed from concealing vital information on its operations from Congress. Fed Chair Yellen believes the Fed will lose independence (and perhaps some power) with passage of the bill.