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Emerging Markets Week Ahead Preview / Dr. Win Thin /  Jul 23, 2017

EM FX was mixed on Friday, but largely firmer over the entire week.  Top performers were BRL, KRW, and ZAR, while the worst were ARS, MXN, and RUB.  FOMC meeting this week poses some potential risks to the global liquidity story that’s supporting EM.  Within EM, the low inflation/easy monetary policy narrative should continue with data and events this week.

Singapore reports June CPI Monday, which is expected to rise 0.7% y/y vs. 1.4% in May.  It then reports June IP Wednesday, which is expected to rise 6.5% y/y vs. 5.0% in May.  Price pressures remain low while the real sector has been a bit sluggish.  As such, the MAS may maintain its forward guidance to keep the current policy neutral “for an extended period” at the semi-annual policy meeting in October.

Taiwan reports June IP Monday, which is expected to rise 1.9% y/y vs. 0.8% in May.  It then reports Q2 GDP Friday, which is expected to grow 2.3% y/y vs. 2.6% in Q1.  The economy remains a bit sluggish, even as price pressures remain low.  This should allow the central bank to keep rates on hold at the next quarterly policy meeting in September.


UN Document From 2000 Exposes Global “Migration Replacement” Solution To Developed World Demographics / by Tyler Durden / Jul 23, 2017 7:05 PM

Ever wondered why so many western elites are so vehemently supportive of mass immigration? Ever question how willfully blind the establishment is to the costs (human and capital) of allowing any- and everyone into the heart of European nations? Well wonder no more…

As a reminder, the world faces decades of depopulation. Our present economic issues began decades ago.  To understand what is happening economically, simply check the headwaters of (de)population (excluding Africa) under way since 1990…the chart below shows the 0-5yr/old population (excluding Africa) vs. the 0-5yr/old population of Africa.

World 0-5yr/old population change (excluding Africa):

  • 1950–>1990 + 234m
  • 1990–>2015 <-47m>
  • 2015–>2050 <-67m> (UN med. est.)

Africa 0-5yr/old population change:

  • 1950–>1990 + 71m
  • 1990–>2015 +75m
  • 2015–>2050 +95m (UN med. est.)


Current Economic Collapse ‘News Brief’ – Episode 1339

X22Report, Published on Jul 23, 2017

CBO accuracy for forecasting has missed multiple times. The deep state will not let up, it now is going after Jeff Sessions again with no confirmation, but even if the story is true there is nothing there. The creator of the dossier and the owner of Fusion GPS are going to be subpoenaed to appear in front of the Senate. CIA chief very worried about Wikileaks, looking to go after Assange. US concludes that Kim Jong Un not crazy, he is protecting his country. EU very angry at the US saying these new sanctions will not help Europe, it will actually make things worse. CIA admits that they supported the moderate rebels and paid their salaries. US special operations commander says the US really cannot stay in Syria, it would be against International law. Syria wants the coalition to pay for the infrastructure damage to its country. US says Assad has not used chemical weapons since the strike, correction, Assad has not used chemical weapons since they were removed from the country.The US needs to work with the world or the US will be left behind as the world moves on

When Is A P/E Not A P/E: How To Turn Nasdaq’s 90x Into 22x In 3 Easy Steps m/ by Tyler Durden / Jul 23, 2017 1:50 PM

Having previously exposed the greatest trick the market has pulled on Biotech investors in the past – What Is The PE Of The iShares Biotech ETF? It Depends On Whether You Read The Fine Print –  it appears investors need another lesson in reality versus perception.

As Horizon Kinetics puts it so eloquently – It’s One Thing to Not Know, It’s Another to Be Told What Isn’t So\ “So, in reality one knows that an unprofitable company makes an investment more expensive, while in the world of indexation, such as in the QQQ, unprofitable companies are lower.”

Unpacking a Mainstream Index, the NASDAQ 100

First, the Label

The essential value of an index is that it is a passive form of investing, the opposite  of active management. The active manager’s results are dependent upon security selection; in contrast, indexation’s foundational intent is that the results will derive from broad exposure to a vast array of securities; that no individual security will dramatically impact the result – the entire idea is to avoid company?specific risk.

Pumping Us Up / By Eric Peters  / July 23, 2017

Most people know they’re paying a lot of taxes every time they buy a gallon of gasoline.

Proportionately, few taxes are more regressive than motor fuels taxes – which currently amount to about 35 percent of the per gallon cost of gas (roughly, 50 cents in federal and state taxes on each gallon, which currently sells for a little over $2).

But there is a another tax on motor fuels which very few people even know exists that also dips deep into their pockets.

It is the federal mandate that each gallon of gas sold contain a certain percentage (currently, 10 percent) of so-called “renewable” fuels. This being chiefly ethanol alcohol, which is made of corn. About 40 percent of all the corn grown in the United States is not used to feed people or animals. It goes toward mandated-by-government ethanol production, which is then force-fed to American drivers every time they fill up.


GoldSeek Radio pt 2 – July 21 2017 [CEO DANIEL HARRISON & PETER GRANDICH] weekly Radio, Published on Jul 23, 2017

Schumer Comes Clean: Democrats – Not Russia – Are To Blame For Hillary’s Loss / by Tyler Durden / Jul 23, 2017 1:15 PM

In a somewhat shockingly frank interview with The Washington Post, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says that Democrats, not Russia, are to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Trump.

When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things – [James] Comey, Russia – you blame yourself.

“So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that.”

The reason for Schumer’s sudden bout of honesty appears to be a rebranding effort for The Democrats. As The Hill reports,

The Democratic party is planning to unveil a new agenda which includes the slogan, “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future,” and Schumer vows that it’s an expression “that everyone will use – a better deal for workers, a better deal for women, a better deal for prescription-drug buyers.”


New Solar Tech Produces 50% More Energy Than Silicon Cells / OIL PRICE / 07/20/2017

Researchers have created a concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) system with embedded microtracking that is capable of producing 50 percent more energy per day than the standard silicon solar cells.

“Solar cells used to be expensive, but now they’re getting really cheap,” says Chris Giebink, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Penn State.

“As a result, the solar cell is no longer the dominant cost of the energy it produces. The majority of the cost increasingly lies in everything else—the inverter, installation labor, permitting fees, etc.—all the stuff we used to neglect,” he says.

This changing economic landscape has put a premium on high efficiency. In contrast to silicon solar panels, which currently dominate the market at 15 to 20 percent efficiency, concentrating photovoltaics focus sunlight onto smaller, but much more efficient solar cells like those used on satellites, to enable overall efficiencies of 35 to 40 percent.



GoldSeek Radio pt 1 – July 21 2017 [CEO DANIEL HARRISON & PETER GRANDICH] weekly Radio, Published on Jul 23, 2017

EU “Sounds Alarm” Over New US Sanctions On Russia; Germany Threatens Retaliation / by Tyler Durden / Jul 23, 2017 10:54 AM

Late on Friday, Congressional negotiators reached a deal to advance a bill that would punish Russia for its interference in the 2016 election and restrict the president’s power to remove sanctions on Moscow, according to the WSJ. The measure, if signed into law, will also give Congress veto powers to block any easing of Russian sanctions by the president. And while it remained unclear if President Donald Trump would sign the bill if it reaches his desk, which is now likely, the loudest complaint about the bill to date has emerged noe from the Oval Office, but from Brussels, after the EU once again urged (and warned, and threatened) US lawmakers to coordinate their anti-Russia actions with European partners, or else.

As Reuters reports, the European Union “sounded an alarm on Saturday” about moves in the U.S. Congress to step up U.S. sanctions on Russia, urging Washington to keep coordinating with its G7 partners.  In a statement by a spokeswoman after Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress reached a deal that could see new legislation pass, the European Commission warned of possibly “wide and indiscriminate” “unintended consequences”, especially on the EU’s efforts to diversify energy sources away from Russia, adding that “unilateral measures” by the US could undermine transatlantic unity.

“We highly value the unity that is prevailing among international partners in our approach towards Russia’s action in Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions. This unity is the guarantee of the efficiency and credibility of our measures,” the Commission said in its statement.


Eight States Including Illinois Have Not Recovered Jobs Lost in Prior Recessions / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / July 23, 2017

Illinois, Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wyoming are the only states that still have not regained employment lost during the Great Recession or prior recessions.

The Wall Street Journal comments These Eight States Still Haven’t Regained All Their Lost Jobs.


Beta Test-Venezuela’s Future Is America’s Future  / By Dave Hodges July 22nd, 2017

According to Trump, if Clinton had been elected, our American streets would have soon lookws like these Venezuelan streets pictured above. However, the Deep State is moving forward with its plan to devastate this country, Venezuela style. Things just got very dark in Venezuela and by design, the country is a laboratory for what is happening here.


Former ‘Plunge Protection Team’ Member Warns “Blockchain Is Freaking Governments Out” / by Tyler Durden / Jul 23, 2017 2:50 PM

Dr. Pippa Malmgren, a US policy analyst and former member of the Working Group on Financial Markets, a government entity better known by its nickname, the “Plunge Protection Team,” appeared on Erik Townsend’s MacroVoices podcast to discuss bitcoin and the European refugee crisis, while also offering some clues about how the PPT, famous for its secrecy, operates.

On The Financial Implications of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Townsend started the interview by asking Malmgren, who also served as a special assistant to the president during the Obama administration, her thoughts about the thousands of refugees who continue to pour into Europe. Surprisingly, despite her liberal views regarding the free movement of people, Malmgren said she’s “quite worried” about the crisis, and believes it will only worsen as governments in Northern Africa become increasingly unstable, potentially leading to a financial crisis in Europe.

Erik: What do you see the outcome of this refugee crisis being? We had Italy the other day threatening to issue EU visas to refugees to force other countries to do their part to absorb more people. We have seen German politics affected by what seems like a growing divide in the German populace in their attitude towards accepting refugees. mIs this going to lead to a bigger problem or is it coming under control?


Next Week’s Economic Calendar – FOMC Meeting, Q2 Advance GDP, and Comex Precious Metals Option Expiration / 21 JULY 2017

And the beat goes on…


Liberty Links 07/22/17 / Michael Krieger | Posted  at 2:57 pm

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Must Reads

Facial Recognition Surveillance is Here — But Privacy Protections Are Not (Huge issue not getting the attention it deserves, The Hill)

Our Relationship with Saudi Arabia Is an Embarrassment (Excellent, National Review)

Pentagon Study Declares American Empire is ‘Collapsing’ (Nafeez Ahmed, Medium)


Is This The New Media Normal: Manufactured News For Hire?  / By Lee Smith via /.Jul 22, 2017 10:00 PM

Donald Trump, Jr. appears to be the latest figure in President Donald Trump’s inner circle to be caught in the giant web of the Great Kremlin Conspiracy. Trump the younger said he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, but that all he got in his June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer was an earful about dropping the Magnitzky Act, which sanctions Russian officials involved in the death of a Russian lawyer who was killed in detention.

If the Trump, Jr. meeting is just another chapter in the Beltway telenovela about Trump selling out America to the Russians through an ever-changing cast of supposed intermediaries – come back, Mike Flynn and Carter Page, we hardly knew ye – it sheds valuable light on the ways and means by which the news that fills our iPhone screens and Facebook feeds is now produced.

You see, the Russian lawyer – often carelessly presented as a “Russian government lawyer” with “close ties to Putin” – Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with Trump, also worked recently with a Washington, D.C. “commercial research and strategic intelligence firm” that is also believed to have lobbied against the Magnitzy Act. That firm, which also doubles as an opposition research shop, is called Fusion GPS – famous for producing the Russia dossier distributed under the byline of Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent for hire.



Toronto — City officials in Toronto are upset over the fact that a resident took it upon himself to fix a problem the government was slow to deal with — and he did it for a fraction of the cost. From Canada’s CTV News:

“A Toronto man who spent $550 building a set of stairs in his community park says he has no regrets, despite the city’s insistence that he should have waited for a $65,000 city project to handle the problem. The city is now threatening to tear down the stairs because they were not built to regulation standards.”

Adi Astl, a retired mechanic, says he was tired of watching his neighbors take spills down the steep path that leads to the community garden, so he bought the materials and set out to do it himself. With the help of a homeless man he hired, Astl completed the job in a matter of hours.



Why Is NASA Destroying the Early Apollo Photos? / By Dave Hodges July 22nd, 2017

Why is NASA destroying the early Apollo photos? What are they hiding? The answer will surprise you?


Venezuelans Are Now Paying 1000 Times More For US Dollars Than They Did In 2010 / by Tyler Durden / Jul 22, 2017 9:30 PM

The hyperinflationary-hell in Venezuela’s currency is deepening as a crippling dollar shortage and a threat of oil sanctions (amid President Maduro’s attempts to rewrite the constition to maintain his grip on power) take their toll on the economy.

Venezuela’s Latin American neighbors urged President Nicolas Maduro to refrain from actions that might exacerbate the country’s political crisis in a disappointment to some regional governments that favored more direct and forceful criticism. As Bloomberg reports,Mercosur, South America’s largest trade bloc, called on “the government and the opposition not to carry out any initiative that could divide further Venezuelan society or aggravate institutional conflicts,” in a joint statement issued at the end of a summit in Mendoza, Argentina. Member countries Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay were joined by Chile, Colombia, Guyana and Mexico in signing the statement.

International condemnation of the Maduro government’s plan to rewrite the country’s constitution to maintain its hold on power is gathering pace after the U.S. said it would impose sanctions on Venezuelan officials if Maduro goes ahead.

As we noted earlier in the week, The Trump administration is mulling over sanctions against senior Venezuelan government officials, and additional measures could include sanctions against the country’s oil industry, such as halting imports into the U.S., according to senior Washington officials who spoke to media.


This Converted Me From Crypto Skeptic to Believer / By Nick Rokke, analyst, The Palm Beach Daily /  July 22 2017

Justin’s note: On Wednesday, I shared an essay from Palm Beach Research Group analyst Greg Wilson. In it, he explained that cryptocurrencies had their “mainstream moment” this past year and should soon take off.

So, when I read the essay below from Greg’s colleague Nick Rokke, I knew I had to pass it along. Nick thinks there’s another catalyst about to emerge in the crypto space… and that it could do for the sector what Apple did for computers back in 1985…

By Nick Rokke, analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

In 1977, Digital Equipment CEO Ken Olsen said, “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.”

You probably haven’t heard of Olsen or his company…

But you probably have heard of late Apple founder Steve Jobs. Here’s what he said in 1985 about computers:

We are aware that we are doing something significant. We’re here at the beginning of it, and we’re able to shape how it goes. Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.

If you saw Apple’s potential like Jobs did—and bought when the company went public and held until today—you’d have made 30,500% in gains.


Three Black Swans / BY JOHN MAULDIN / JULY 22, 2017

Small Town Suburbia Faces Dire Financial Crisis As Companies, Millennials Flee To Big Cities / by Tyler Durden / Jul 22, 2017 

College graduates and other young Americans are increasingly clustering in urban centers like New York City, Chicago and Boston. And now, American companies are starting to follow them. Companies looking to appeal to, and be near, young professionals versed in the world of e-commerce, software analytics, digital engineering, marketing and finance are flocking to cities. But in many cases, they’re leaving their former suburban homes to face significant financial difficulties, according to the Washington Post.

Earlier this summer, health-insurer Aetna said it would move its executives, plus most of technology-focused employees to New York City from Hartford, Conn., the city where the company was founded, and where it prospered for more than 150 years. GE said last year it would leave its Fairfield, Conn., campus for a new global headquarters in Boston. Marriott International is moving from an emptying Maryland office park into the center of Bethesda.


Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike / Mac Slavo / July 23rd, 2017

Venezuela’s socialist government opposition called for a two-day national strike against President Nicolas Maduro after another day of violent clashes on Saturday where the injured included a violinist famous for his musical protests.

Wuilly Arteaga,  the 23-year-old has become famous for playing the national anthem on his violin in front of security lines as battles rage around him, has been injured in the fight for freedom against Venezuela’s socialist regime. Paramedics attended Arteaga in the street as blood poured down his face. He later tweeted a video from the hospital with a bandaged face and clutching his violin. “Neither rubber bullets nor pellets will stop our fight,” said Arteaga. “Tomorrow I will be back in the streets.”

On Saturday, several thousand protesters sought to march on the pro-Maduro Supreme Court in support of alternative magistrates appointed by the opposition. But security forces blocked them with armored cars and riot shields. Clashes ensued for several hours as hundreds of masked youths hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at National Guard troops firing tear gas from motorcycles.


Love the medical spy in your home / by Jon Rappoport / July 23, 2017

“O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.” (George Orwell, 1984)

What are Merck/Amazon up to these days?

The drug giant is sponsoring a contest, in association with Amazon, to develop voice-activated programs for patients with diabetes.

Utilizing Amazon Alexa, the voice-interactive AI box that functions as a personal assistant—a spy in your own home—Amazon will enable “help” for people managing their disease.

An article at describes one of the finalists in the Merck contest: “The intelligent personal assistant platform creator Ejenta advanced into the finals with PIA, or personal intelligent agents. Its entry aims to leverage NASA artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things connectivity to detect risky behaviors and encourage healthy habits. The system could also notify care teams if abnormalities are detected.”


Scaramucci: “If The Leaks Don’t Stop, I’m Going To Pare Down The Staff” / by Tyler Durden / Jul 23, 2017 

One day after new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci scoured through his Twitter account, deleting any tweets (mostly critical of Trump) that could be a “distraction” for the White House, on Sunday morning the former Goldman employee pledged that as one of his first steps, he would “take dramatic action” to halt the biggest problem plaguing the Trump White House: the endless torrent of leaks.

“I will take dramatic action to stop those leaks,” Scaramucci told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” adding that while he could not control leaks coming from the intergovernmental agencies, he would take action in the White House communications department.

“If the leaks don’t stop, I’m going to pare down the staff because it’s not fair to the president, to America, and to the people in government” he threatened while adding that “everyone can stay if the follow protocol against the leaks.”